I am looking for someone to spruce my website for Failed Fate 0: Before The Chaos.

I need someone who knows a lot of PHP, and maybe some MySQL.

The current website is at :

I'm not sure what I can offer in the way of rewards besides credit and maybe a couple of bucks through PayPal. But I just need someone to redo the layout and style of the site and the way to add monsters/armor/weapons because that takes way too long currently, so I don't have time to add it.

So if anyone would like to help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone knows how to make icons or graphics I would appreciate someone making a new hub icon for FF0:BTC. I can't pay much, but I can negotiate if it's really good.
When you say a couple of bucks, how many are we talking. I'm in need of a renewed membership :) Oh and for this layout, make the background color black or red, I have a really high resolution and widescreen so the blue sticks out.
I don't know. It really depends on how good you make the site.
But, anywhere around like $5~$10. Maybe more, I don't know.
Like I said, depends on how good it is.

Oh, and about my layout. What blue? You mean the Atreyu part? Because for me it looks just fine. Do you have like an LCD or something that?
I mean the background, it shows the default background color.
That's weird. It shouldn't.

It should should show this :

You're probably using IE. That's why.
Long time no see.

Can't help you. =\
might do a little something later on :)
talking to you now on pager :)

Where are you Dalze?
If this offer is still in play. I'll take a look at it.
Price is dependant on the complexity of what you want.
Well.. This guys kind of made an outline. But I can't really do much with that.

I need someone to like basically redo the website. Also try to find an easier way to add all the monster information and such.
Easy. I can make a control panel which you could use. A MySQL database for monster information. It will be called to display the information on the page of choice, and you can edit it via that control panel. News and stuff will be easy to add aswell.

I could also make a system where your users can login to their forum account via the main page and comment on the news, like I did with my website. =P

PHP and MySQL are my most loved languages at the momet. <.<
MySQL=Childs play
Tiberath, if you are still interested ( I saw your website and I like it a lot ).

But, the problem is as of now I can't really pay anyone since of that dang PayPal problem I blogged about it in the first post.

I would really like you to be able to do it though. And if it's really good I can pay you like $15.
What's your myspace? =D
let all of use download the game so we can get it back up and runing