Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
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Poll: How pumped would everyone be if SS13 was rebuilt as explained below?

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Meh. I like it as it is.. 3% (1)
Yeah right... 6% (2)
Good luck - you'll need it! 23% (7)
You've got my support! 10% (3)

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So, after much personal debate, I've decided to rebuild SS13 into a full fledged stand alone game. Some of the things I want to accomplish is as follows - better network and server relay so there's much less lag, more ways to cause chaos, and more order for those more interested in RP - play how you want to! Fling poo or stamp papers - it's your game.

The reason for this rebuild is the recent failure of the last attempt to rebuild the game. I am using different methods (the game engine will be supported by Unity 3D, though this may change later) and though the code was released open source, so many hands in the pie corrupt it. Fewer still have the ability to convert it over to something useful, and less still have the drive. They failed due to lack of time and funds, something that with enough community support can be avoided.

The first build will utilize the same graphics already seen here but will incorporate many upgrades such as smoother movement, combat, and tile updates. There will be a stronger emphasis on playing smart (or psychotic if you prefer) and there will be the OPTIONAL play which can include things like progression, ranks, funds which carry from game to game, and the ability to buy and build your own station with your friends! (probably not the best setting for those who want pure chaos - building a station takes time and funds!)

I also want to include OPTIONAL single player which can include progression, NPCs and Missions which can walk you through all the roles and their job functions, and more.

And before anyone says it - no it's not just me. If I can get enough support from the community, I'll put up a Kickstarter and fully develop this idea into a game - and with funding I could even redo the graphics into a 2.5 or 3D game - perhaps with multiple modes so you can choose which graphics you want!

More to come with enough positive votes. Do me a favor, and save your negative comments - if you think it's a crap idea don't respond. Save us both the headache.
First update actually - I've already begun building the tile mapping engine and it's looking much faster. As I develop more I'll start putting together a list and push an update every week which will detail the progress of the development.

I'm building the tiles so that each tile can consist of several elements at a time, drawn in layers and only redrawn if there's an update. The engine itself will only draw what you can actually see, and will keep everything else buffered in arrays in the background. This will prevent the client from having to update everything constantly which will save loads on the bandwidth. The map size is 256x256 but as you only ever load a 20x20 area around you (allows for screen buffer, especially when running from that deranged clown!), the map size itself can be infinite, allowing everyone to play on the same map, many stations, and the server handles all of the map updates itself. (At least that's the idea..)

Will check back tomorrow on this post to see how it's doing.
OH and one last thing!! The game will be free to play! That's right - I don't plan on selling the game in any way. The game has always been free and it should remain that way. Thusly, I do plan on reusing some resources from byond's version (sprites really - I'd like to keep that SS13 feel people have grown to love) but 99% of the rest of the code will be done from scratch, with no reference to the code here. It's being coded in c# with unity 3D professional at this time (licensed - that's right) and I'm more than capable of building the game from scratch with little more than tile graphics.

But again, more to come. I'll be looking into getting special permission directly from the creators of the tiles (I've heard they've been updated) but as the game I'm making will be FREE I really hope there won't be any issues.
Update: 2/19/2015

The tile engine is complete - at least the initial engine. I'm sure I'll end up rewriting it several times over before I'm happy with it to make it as optimized as possible.

I've also started putting in walls and floors, and a character and movement system. Now's your chance to tell me if you like the way characters move in byond or if you all would prefer a movement with a run/walk which was exact and not just tied to tiles (aka you could stand half way between tiles if you wanted to)
Update: 2/23/2015

This is the last update I am posting on these forums. I am in the process of setting up a project site and forums so that those interested can join and see the progress being made on the game itself and be a part of it's construction or just follow along.

I will be posting the new link to the forums as soon as they're up and available (DNS name changes can take a bit before they actually work!)

Starting today the new forums for this rebuild is up and running. You can visit the temporary site at:

I'm working on securing a unique domain name for this project and once everything is in order I will be forwarding the domain.
FYI - I've discontinued the forums as the original project for this was based on different technology, and I have since rebuilt the entire engine in Unity3D. There has also been a few different changes to the pricing model due to the amount of time and work involved in creating this rebuild.

Please see the newest post above if you wish to see the update. I am planning on having the SS13 rebuild released within the next three months.
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