Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
New Game Mode: Battle Arena, and Free to play steam period!
Yes! Now players can make their own icons, hairs, clothes, weapons and even Guardian/Reaper Armors!

I am releasing two base model for people to icon (So they know each state position etc) one for normal icons (hairs, clothes, anything that fits the character well) and the second one is for big icons, that goes too far from the mob icon size, like wings, giant swords etc...

There are some rules on uploading your custom icon:

*You must send the icon to me, (yeah once you finish you will have to wait me to be online to check your icon quality.)
*Every icon can be denied if they doesnt fit the game quality.
*If your icon is a relic: you will have to post your relic idea, and get ICly powerfull enough to turn it into a relic. Relics will start to drop from Bosses in the next war. Also if your character had a custom icon, and your character died and is at the story, I can turn your icon into a relic for next wipe..
*Every icon uploaded can -later- be used in the original game resources as usual pickable hair, etc. For subscribers or not.
*Custom icons are for free, all it requires is quality and maybe RPP
*Custom Armors needs coding skills etc, You may use your custom armor but only with basic blasts untill I code its skills. If you made an armor, this armor will be used only for you while this wipe goes on, but next wipe it will get into the armors lists.

Any question feel free to ask.
Here is the small icon size (for clothes hairs, shoes, etc):

And here is the big icon, for wings, giant weapons, anything that requires a bit more space:
hm...I may be joining again next wipe. But im glade you added even more character creation...Would of better if you made it with the skin color so it would be easier to recolor. but oh well. Im making a black base. Been asking for this xD
About the lower body armor icon sample?