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I live on a 150 acre farm, have built a barn, slaughtered stuff, grown stuff, hunted stuff, trapped stuff,

You'd fit in just fine at my job. We've got a lot of vegans here who have strong opinions about killing animals.
2nd to me obviously
Hello, I'm Jamie. I am 21 years old living in rural Pennsylvania, and I stumbled upon BYOND in 2004 while using Google to search for "How to make a game like Runescape". Little did I know at the time that I would find the greatest collection of online games I could ever hope to discover, starting with Dragon Warrior Mythology, and many others after that. To put my young ignorance into perspective, I wouldn't realize that the DW games I enjoyed were fan games, or even figure out what exactly a fan game was, until a few years down the road, not that it mattered to me.

I'm a high school graduate, and BYOND was the first programming language that I had used, and I have tinkered with several others afterwords. I've been a moderator for 2 years, by trade I am a machinist, I've been a vegetarian all of my life, and in my free time I spend time helping a local boy scout troop and STEM venture crew, camping, 3D printing, machining, reading, programming, and writing Within BYOND.

Welcome back, Ter13 and Lige.
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starting with Dragon Warrior Mythology

hi5, UP ( or should I say, DL ) is the best

Where in rural PA Higo? I live in Millersburg.
HAha this is a fun idea.

Im Anthony Summers, almost 21 and a sadistic bastard when you get to know me. I love programming almost as much as I love gore. I'm also in university as a majour in computer sciences and minouring in psychology. I am canadian, living at home still and have a lovley girlfriend that i've corrupted to be as almost sadistic as me.

I love anime and try to find new series occasionally when i have the time. I am very passionate about my own game too, in real life and love to tell people what I am currently working on.

I am also a metal head and muscle head. During my high school years I was the strongest in the school, and I still find it rare for people to be lifting more than me when i go to a gym. Also the metal head part. I just love metal which goes right along with my horror loving personality
Watch out guys, he lifts and no one is stronger than he is.

It was long believed that Masterdan was our most powerful member but I guess we've got ourselves a new contender.
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Masterdan is no longer. Welcome your new king
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Haha oh my god I just saw the pic
is that the only thing people care about. That was a little portion of my post. Like I can be proud of something and tell people about it, its not like im putting others down. Now that would be a no no.

I also don't know how to post pictures on byond haha. If you really want to i can. IMG_0524_zpsd2b3e6c5.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 just so i dont look like a liar. Though it makes me look like a douche instead but oh well
Nerds got quiet
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Me as of 2 weeks ago:
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BTW, I'm not a fishman.. This key was actually created as a alt for ROTP pre alpha(in which I chose the fishman race), all the anime haters, unite! Burn me..

My first key was Gottar Maker back in 2008, honors goes to that robot dog of Jimmy Neutrons..

Anyway, I got to know BYOND after my bro introduced me to some DBZ rips, I can go SSJ 16?? Badass custom guild icons?? oooshit, train to millions of stats at the press of one verb? Amg count me in! Haha.

Fun fact: There's this one game I played during that time that trained so fast using "self train" that it gave my PC a bluescreen.. Haha
Hello! I shall sneak into this thread.

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DanteVFenris wrote: IMG_0524_zpsd2b3e6c5.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 just so i dont look like a liar. Though it makes me look like a douche instead but oh well

Even Paul Ryan lifts more than you bro. Get good.

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Haha now your just trolling me. Even if I was there would be nothing wrong in being Ryan he's pretty fit. I'm not trying to make this into some social comparison contest however, I'm not trying to be better than master Dan or Ryan when I work out. I'm trying to be better than myself
Hello, my name is Kris, I'm 19, and I am an alcoholic ( I kid). I've been around BYOND since 2006. I was initially invited by a friend of mine from school to play DBZ: Heroes United. After a while of being on BYOND, I discovered that the same general program used to play game could be used to make them as well. It wasn't long before I started dabbling in a few small projects and learning about BYOND.

Around 2010 I started outgrowing BYOND and fiddling with other languages, such at Javascript, all C langauges, PHP, Bash, and more. Currently, the one language I have gone in depth with the most, aside from DM, would be Unity3D's C#.

I graduated High School in 2013 and started College soon after. I am currently doing a dual major (Computer Science and Computer Programming) and will hopefully get my degree next year.

In my spare time I'm either playing PC/Console games (none on BYOND) or programming something (my IRC bot or some small game project to keep me from boredom).

I think that's enough, right?
Ouuhhhhh, Me next!

My name is Jai-Michael... I know complicated right, I literally have two first names, but people call me Jay.(It is a lot simpler) I am currently 23 years of age, and have been a member of BYOND since 2006. It has been so long... if you do the math right that means I discovered this site when I was 14. When I found BYOND I had google searched for "creating a video game" I think and magic.. I am now here.

I started as a programmer as I was taking extra classes for computer science-y stuff. I came to terms with the fact that programming hurts my brain and I decided I wanted to follow my more artistic side. That was when I picked up Pixeling. My first teacher was Mesmerize.. god was he a bitch. He was so mean! D; But it made me a better pixel artist. I also learned from Amonr, Zane and mostly the Pixel Art Society. Now I program and pixel! Yay fun for everyone!

I became a member of the BYONDcast and controlled our loyal subjects with the power of -NAY. Then the kingdom crumbled. Some Aktolings and BYONDlings have survived.

As a couple people know I am a gaymer.(That means I like men and video games, if you didn't know) I play LoL, WoW, and a bunch of other stuff I don't feel like listing. Some BYOND games I got addicted to in the past were: Cow RP, GOA and I think it was DBZ Online.. I can't remember the name.. Ohhh and The World.. I remember I thought that .hack// game was the shit. It was very basic.

What else...

I have my associates in Computer Graphics! ;3

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thats cool, a dual majour. In my school we don't have those it sucks. Though from what ive seen my school does computer science a bit differently than americain or other schools. Cause all my computer science courses are all programming based.
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I live on the other side of the state, near Meadville PA.
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