Hello all,

It's been awhile since I've dabbled in DM, and I've been debating on getting back into it. I don't want to return to my previous projects, largely due to incomplete artwork, lost design documents, my inability to match the current art style of each project, and unreasonably expensive rates for artwork. So I was thinking of getting a hold on the files of the projects I was part of, that are still around of course, and open-sourcing them.

I'm not sure if anyone was looking forward to any of the games I took part in developing/crashing, but this would give those individuals the chance to play, tinker with, or continue the projects themselves. The games that come to mind, thus far, are:
  • Suukou Faita-
  • 8-bit Dungeon Crawler
  • Jail Em
  • Galactic Crisis
Aside from Galactic Crisis, the artwork and sound from the other projects would be replaced prior to open-sourcing out of respect to the artist/composer ( unless they're fine with me including it ). A few other projects come to mind, but either I don't have the files on hand or there wasn't enough finished to justify open-sourcing it.

What do you guys think? Should I open-source the projects listed or just let them collect more e-dust?
++ for Suukou Faita, love Martial art games!
Open-source dem biznatches.
Open source em!
I have been debating open-sourcing a couple of projects of mine as well, since I probably won't get the chance to ever finish the one. The other would be my version of the zeta source(based off of DA 5.0's source, which is the "official" DA source). At least some people would make better zeta rips with the whole overhaul of fixes and alterations in my source, but I don't think anyone would do it justice. Most people who work with rips/fangames just throw libraries in the source and half-ass retrofitting things.
I always think it's a good idea to allow the public to see what you're doing. Artwork aside, it's a good opportunity to further express your ideas, and for others to learn from them. I have a github with a few of the byond projects I've worked on over the years, and those pitfalls like people stealing your work, or claiming it for their own, doesn't really happen much there. At least not in the BYOND world, as there is really only a very small community using Git like they should. If you do end up supporting your previous stuff as open-source material, I would suggest you use Github, if you aren't already. GL with all that, and your next project too.
Gandalf the Grey!!! Lets make an lord of the rings game o,..,o!
Hrm Zasif, I did once with a dude who had the key "Frodo." It wasn't that great, back in 02-03, but we were still asked to stop by New Line Cinema and some Saul something company (probably don't want to call this one). Admittedly, it was very bad, so I could see why. I think two people donated dimes to us, and we both got the email immediately after the second.
You can include the Jail Em! art, I'm cool with that. The other two not so much...
It took awhile, but I found the files for the projects I named off ( and more ). Some of the code is outdated, some is embarrassing, and some ... I don't even know what I was thinking when I made it. A for Affort, E for Effort.

I'll touch up some of the code, one project at a time, and go from there. Luckily, Suukou Faita- aside, the projects aren't large in scope. Granted, a lot of the concepts and features weren't fleshed out so I'll have to flesh things out as I go.

Branks wrote:
You can include the Jail Em! art, I'm cool with that. The other two not so much...

Sounds good. Highly unlikely that I'll find anything useful, but I'll visit free resources in the case of the other two projects.