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Hey guys, I am trying to play on Space Station 13, but it's giving me an error message. The message says "Could not run Dreamseeker.EXE. Maybe you should reinstall BYOND." Since this is a problem, I've come to you with a solution. How do I reinstall BYOND. I was able to play earlier today.
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You can just go to and download the latest version, it'll basically override your existing copy.

If even that doesn't seem to solve your issue, you should go over to your program files and delete the BYOND folder to it's entirety. Then repeat the installation steps previously stated.
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Like, if I go to My Documents, do I do BYOND or do I go into downloads first? I ask because it didn't work.
Hey, again. It's still not working, but there was another error message before the first one. It says "C:/Documents and Settings/box/MyDocuments/Downloads/BYOND/Bin/Dreamseeker.exe "Byond://" Any instructions on what the problem is, and it's solution? I really want to play SS13.
Hi Greatness942,

Are you installing BYOND, or just using the zipped version?

I would recommend trying the installer to see if that fixes your issue, and make sure you install it into the default location. It should default to the "Program Files (x86)" (if present) or "Program Files" folder.
Carp,yeah. I've been using the zip version. I'll try the install version, if that doesn't work, oh well. Not the end of the world...just the end of an era? Or is that too dramatic?
That worked! Thanks, man.