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For some reason, after someone does a certain action, and i dont know what it is, can someone help out
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How can you possibly expect help from the community with this type of information(or lack thereof)?
I actually was typing that on my Xbox one,and I'm very stupid for not typing a full explanation. Basically, I was wondering if there was a verb to view run-time errors, or something similar because, I don't know what to do because, my admins are so useless in this situation <.< They won't observe the players to see what they are doing, that is causing the crashing
Start the game, right click the title bar and go to client. Then command and type in .debug profile
Profile will come up, but will be blank. Just close it, wait a while and then do it again.
How would I run in debug mode, may I ask ?
You can simply implement this somewhere in your project to activate debug mode. There is another way via the preference options I believe, but I am on my phone ATM, and don't know the exact steps to get there.
#define DEBUG
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Thanks alot, I'll be sure to do it in some time.
if you want to check out which procs takes too much cpu usage you can use profiler by running game in debug mode
just impelement this code in game
#define DEBUG

and to use this open DreamDaemon in which you hosting the game and World>Profile>Start>wait for some time >refresh

and to see run time errors caused by some verbs or procs

set category="anything you like"

proc/logActions(var/action, var/person = "")
logFile << "[person] used [action]"