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Is there a way to make it so that the person can not right click in the game or if you cant do that i want to make it so if someone has a mask on you can not see their name (since you cant see the face tel who it is), i have it down for some things but players say they want it to also effect/affect right clicking so you can't see who it is. (pic for example)

I want it to it's like this
I think your talking about the popup_menu setting.

set popup_menu = Setting

Setting: 1 (default) for showing this verb in the popup menus; 0 otherwise.

Use this to prevent a verb from showing up in the popup "context" menu when users right-click on objects.
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Setting it for every verb is tedious. If you want to disable it all together, you'll want to use this:

client.show_popup_menus = 0
Oh ok cool, thanks guys, one quick question is there also a way to remove this

i saw it on my interface i couldnt figure out how to remove it
You have to go to your main window of your interface -> Edit... -> Options -> Untick Statusbar option.

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