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well i never played zeta, so i dont know how bad it is
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Have you played any anime game on BYOND? If so, imagine slightly altered artwork with the same mechanics.
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are they all copies of it? is that what your saying?
@Dante: Pretty much all of the modern anime games spawned because of the leak of Dragonball Zeta. Zeta clones dominated the hub for a few years. A few projects started coming out that were Naruto related --mostly with the same bad programming/design habits that were rampant in Zeta, and for the most part, they got reskinned into various other anime projects.

Some are original, some aren't. All of them have the same bad programming and design choices, though. Some are just worse than others.
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that's horrible. I've played some so i think i know what you mean. All clones. Bad programming is dealable, but the games didn't have any substance
Bad programming is dealable, but the games didn't have any substance

Yeah. I'm in agreement. I think poor programming is something that's entirely livable. You see it in AAA games all the time. There are bugs in Skyrim's engine that make landmass mods >2 megachunks from the world origin unplayable. Planetside 2 was the most unoptimized piece of garbage SOE's probably ever managed to release.

Yet, both games were fun and had a lot of really solid design.

I think the real issue is that there's a fundamental flaw to almost all of the anime games on this site that make them borderline unplayable. I know people are going to jump all over me and say that they've historically had the most players of any BYOND games, but I don't think that's entirely relevant when the majority of your players are bot-training 24/7. In fact, the fact that the majority of your players are bot training is an indication that something is fundamentally wrong with your game's design.

I'm of the school of thinking that if players resort to developing bots and macros to play the game for them, there's a serious flaw in the game's design. Now, before people jump all over me about this point too, claiming that there are bots for all popular MMOs, I'll actually argue that I think the modern MMO formula is fundamentally flawed. Even though MMOs are highly profitable enterprises right now to the point of there being puppy-mill esque companies crapping out a new P2W MMO every six months, I still argue that there are major design flaws particularly in their progression and content model.
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YES man!!! I totally agree with you. Game design is so important.

who cares if you have 100+ players if your game is unplayable to the mainstream audiences and not just the super niche youve formed that are soley playing it for rp and chat.
Unfortunately, it's really easy to talk the talk. Walking the walk takes a ton of time, effort and skill. Seeing the flaws is easy. Finding ways to fix them, and then doing them is tough.
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oh i know its tough. But I have confidence I can make my own project with a really good design and foundation.
The worst part really is that all the ripping, bad ethics and abusive GMs were when BYOND was at its most popular.

It was almost like it was directly touching on a purely capitalist dream that a lot of the people who come here had;
Owning their own game with little effort of their own and dictating it like their own sovereign territory, banning and being mean to people with impunity.

What it did have going for it though was that among that huge list of clones, you could feel promise.
Somewhere on that list of 150+ active games, there might be a game that was just right. BYOND itself was like an exploration game with all of these parallel worlds to explore and ragequit/get banned from.

At the moment on the other hand, the list is looking quite cold and desolate.
Before starting my game, i had to take a look on every live Naruto game on the site, and all of them looks the same, except for some changes on the interface and here or there.

This motivated me to create a new way to play a Naruto game on byond, and is the main reason to my game not be an RPG, and i'm proud to say that i didn't ripped nothing to use on my game except the character voice.

And i also have some plans for the games after Naruto's, a fantasy action mmorpg based on the Ultima series, don't know if i will be able to achieve everything but i may try. A little mockup that i have done :

Your working at a highly ambitious resolution, must take you quite a while to make your art.

I don't like giving critique though because I don't know your situation, so I probably shouldn't.
For sure it takes much time, i work on a bank here in Brazil and almost all of my time goes to the work. The Naruto game is my reality now, i'm working on it for almost 2 years alone, and i'm finally coming close to a beta, so i will not put the carriage in front of the horses, i will hold on and let the future happen at his time.
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While I never said it but I misjudged you. When I first saw you promoted a naruto game I had a negative stigma and thought you were working from one of those bad clones.

But that looks incredible mate!!! Art wise at least you just have to get the gameplay down as I havent seen any of it
Thanks man ! I'm a subscriber of your youtube channel, i hope to play your game soon !

I will release a gameplay trailer as soon as possible.
Alright, since Dante said that, I think I might need to just point out some critique after all.

The house and ground in that picture is blatantly photobashed, which isn't actually pixel art.

The characters could do with more contrast, a more defined light source, darker shadows, at the very least you need to get rid of the highlight on the Drow guys red dress, on the crease nearest the bottom.

I don't want to sound mean though, as it is not my intention and admire your effort.
I understand what you mean don't worry =D. Anyway just a mockup made on photoshop.
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Still a lot better than I could do, arts definatley not my forte. You should have seen my first game...
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