Dragonball Supremacy

by Atol Soldier
Dragonball Supremacy
Welcome To Teh World Of Supremacy... [Under Progres]
Nigga you need Jesus more than I do.
I'm legendary rvd everybody pray for him or she u one sick fggt
The only thing legendary about you is your typing. Learn to spell, man.
My autistic brother that eats crayons,wears a helmet, and rides the short bus to school can type a more coherent comment than you, RVD.
i'm just waiting on the announcement from a GM saying that ibis died and supremacy is dying with him in his honer lol
Ibis is immortal. He'll never die!
Wipe? WIPE? WHYYYYYYPE!!! *FLIPS TABLE* *EATS OWN SHIT* *writes wipe all over body with permanent marker* OMG WIPE~
inb4 ibis says we're grounded from supremacy for taking cookies from the cookie jar without asking...
and the server is back down again xD fuck the free world
lol if only jensu was futuristic
If only Jensu had a dictionary, and didn't blame people he banned for minor trolling on a crash/rollback. All because he lost more than anyone else.
i think this guy needs a snicker's.
Do not worry i forgive you. god bless
Nice extraneous apostrophe, and good job hiding behind God. Just by saying "God bless", you reveal that you're more vexed than you'd like anyone to believe. The simple fact is, I got under your skin, and ya banned me for it. Then when your precious character got rolled back, you blamed it on the guy who got under said skin. That's me, in case your reading comprehension's as bad as your spelling and diction.

For your information, if I wanted to attack a game, I wouldn't crash it. I'd just alert Toei and FUNimation to the fact that there's a subscription program in place. They'd file copyright, the game's hub would be shut down, etc. There are far more elegant solutions than hacking. Besides, attacking BYOND games is beneath me, and not worth my time. Trolling admins who have itchy trigger fingers... That's the fun part.
I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.
Oh, no. Go ahead. I have no problems insulting your intelligence. In fact, it's quite fun. But the very fact that you even deign to respond to me at this point, only proves my point further. That I get under your skin. You're playing the passive aggressive game, trying to turn the tables around on me. When in fact, you should just be ignoring me. But you haven't started ignoring me yet. Which proves to me that you're irritated by my antics. The core need that possesses you to be right all the time is what drives you to respond. Just walk away, Jensu. You're dealing with someone who hasn't even begun to warm up yet.
You have delusions of adequacy,Have a wonderful night my friend.
Ladies, Ladies. C'mon now. You're both beautiful.
Holy shit, Jensu DOES own a dictionary! But he only further proved my point by showing his need to respond.
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