Soul Elysium

by Bustercannon
Soul Elysium
There are many variants of soul power. How will you forge yours?
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As the title implies, adding support for instanced maps for minigames. Stasis and any other developer should know exactly what I am talking about.

In case you're just the average player reading this and you have no idea what I am talking about:

Instanced maps basically make a copy of a pre-defined area of a map(it'll be the area the minigame teleports you to in this scenario) and pastes it in a new Z level. This means that you can effectively create a new map for each player and have all players play the same minigame simultaneously, without having to wait for your turn.

Why this idea was brought up: Because minigames like Sado's bring a crazy line and it gets tedious having to wait. Also, it's just a good idea in general, imo.

Please support this suggestion and bring it to Stasis' attention if you like the idea.