Dungeon Master

by Ginseng
Dungeon Master
RTS/RPG Dungeon simulation game. How evil a Dungeon Master will you be?
I've been away for some time, but there hasn't been so much outcry for a return of my server. If there is feel free to post here and I'll check back every now and then to see the demand.

meh. wasnt the best but wasnt bad either
I just recently got into Dungeon Master, but a friend of mine said your code was awesome! We'd love for you to come back, or make your code available so someone else could host a server on it- either way would be fantastic!
Rojiru, I just found this forum thanks to the help of a friend of mine. I must say, I am saddened by the fact I have not found it earlier. Every waking moment I look to the byond Dungeon Master hub only to be disappointed by the lack of your server. I enjoyed, no, loved, your server. I had the most fun out of any Dungeon Master server on your server. The fact that I encountered people who were willing to RP and not just outright kill your level 5 units was literally the best. You also made it a lot of fun for those of us who were in The Berserkers of the North. We waged wars in the name of our god who never actually gave us gifts, but we did so anyway. I would love for your server to come back as long as you are ready to host again.

TL;DR: Come back, pls.
We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship- Had to get that out of my system. But everyone else has said it all for me. I miss your server. I miss your touch. I miss you. Come back to us. Come back to me. Okay? Aaand yes, I've become more of a joking shit, but my message here is legit. I miss you and your amazing server. Return from the shadows. Rise from your grave, never give up. Your apostals await your return. The messiah must walk the world of Byond again.
I've never played on your server probably, but i've played the original DM back in the day. It was awesome. I actually did play some of the custom servers and i enjoyed them also.

So, it would be nice if someone were to host a DM server once again. Work on it, improve it even. This game was too good, to just let it die off like that. So to answer your question, yeah i'd be very interested in you hosting a server.
I've just put my server back up. Get in there. I'm not going to be doing any advertising atm.