Hello Readers! Below you'll find summaries about games currently in development, BYOND developments, and resource developments, to help keep you in the know. To view a larger version of the game screenshots, click on the image, and to find out more about an update or game, follow the links provided! If you have developments you would like to share, feel free to let everyone know by leaving a comment!

BYOND Website

Some slight changes have been made to the games listing process over the past week. In the hub page manager, there are now only two options for visibility, private and public. Once a game goes public, it will be able to be found on the BYOND web site via tag or name searches. For public games which meet the requirements listed in the hub manager, checking the "List this game in the main index" box will subject your game to a brief review for compliance. Approved games have the added benefit of appearing on the main page, and having their updates cross-posted into the Game Updates subforum.

The BYOND Terms of Service have recently seen an update. While I'm not an expert on what changed, I suspect that it is the addition of the privacy policy, which outlines how BYOND collects, stores, and uses information. Be sure to read over both documents, as the continued use of your account implies your approval.


Putting latest website changes behind him, Lummox JR has continued working on the Webclient, which is the newest addition to the BYOND suite of tools. More specifically, the Webclient allows players to join BYOND games without having to install BYOND, using any web browser that supports HTML5 (which is most any modern browser). He has shared the speed improvements made and set goals to bring the tool up to par with Dream Seeker and eventually out of beta.


Skirmish is a fast paced action shooter where the player tries to capture the flag from the opposing teams, keeping enemies down using tactics and a variety of guns, melee weapons, and explosives. Find out more detailed information in the current player's guide. In terms of updates, Kumorii has improved the AI script, among other tweaks, to allow for 16 AI players at one time, with room to spare.

Taking place in a world where humanity is largely enslaved by beastmen. Kalero tells the story of a group of humans and beastmen, who believe that all beings are created equal, and fight to overcome the oppression. This RPG is currently in development, with the major systems being completed recently. In content terms, many armors have been added, and a new area of the world has been discovered.

The Great War has finally come to an end in the roleplaying world of Azusa RP, with Death Lord Azura Kroa taking over the entire world along with her Reapers. Reapers, which are a recent addition to the game, are powerful NPC followers, who will come to the aid of players who beckon for them. Guardians are the living equivalent of a reaper. Other updates include a tutorial for new players to follow, and older players can become faster and stronger for rapid paced battles. 300 years remain before the next Great War, will the guardians be able to overcome the darkness?

King Solomon may have had no idea what kind of Pandora's box he had opened by becoming the world's first mage, the creatures that would be created, the magic that would be learned, or the adventures that would be taken by players who would have the opportunity to explore the three lands of the fantasy RPG Severed World as a Shadowstalker, a Summoner, or an Enchanter. Not yet ready for play, the team reflected on their accomplishments for the month of February. These reflections include the completion of the crafting system, four unique bosses, many creative quests to complete, and much more. To keep updated on the latest, follow their Tumbler and Facebook pages.

Hundreds of years ago there had been a war between two groups of mages so great that it would destroy both sides in its wake, along with everything in between. The magic released from this war would eventually come to settle, causing strange new races to rise from the ashes and discover their own alignments. In Trystal Magicosm, players take control of one of these strange new beings, given the option to defend their home or fight for a new one.

Path of Hero has seen a few updates over the last few weeks, featuring new interfaces for the game windows, and a screen based chat box. Damage inflicted now displays on the screen, and new character icons are soon to be completed. Check out the latest PVP action video.

In the wacky world of Cursed Luck, transformed and destroyed by the bad luck and fears of the most unluckiest person in the world, not coincidentally nick-named, The Unluckiest, players will find an RPG with unique classes, tactical and action filled fights, and more. DanteVFenris has recently posted information on the PVP system, and how the mechanics of the combat system work. Players may be able to get inside the game soon.

Even though Taint_thewizard has been busy with school work lately, he has posted an update log for version 17.403 of the fantasy RPG in development called Avalon. This round of updates includes the priest and warlock classes, and each come bundled with a series of new spells to learn and discover. Battles play out in a more smoother fashion, and new secrets are waiting to be found.

Rice features a huge world just waiting for players to shape it into what it will become, using their skills and knowledge to build their own buildings and fend off monsters. But wait! Rice is still undergoing its own metamorphosis, with the latest development log ready to be checked out. Glimpses of the combat system are waiting to be seen, information about stats and classes are ready to be read, and the construction system is currently being built.

BYOND Resources

  • Popisfizzy has cracked open the lid on many of his old libraries and demos. (There is a better pun to be made here, I think).
  • Zecronious has published Textmenu, used for processing and requesting text input.
  • Mr_Goober has made ZNDev available for download, featuring many of the modules he had created for use in MicrORPG.
  • Ter13 has created RoofLib, a powerful library for managing the appearance and disappearance of roofs. Detailed documentation and a demo are available.
  • Bringing back memories of the list shuffling war, Xirre has posted his method to shuffle lists.
not much, but sweet. I had a project I wanted to do this month but unfortunately health problems. Good luck to all the other developers by the way. =]
There's also a new team being headed up by Eksadus working on Hazordhu II again. Kaio and I aren't working on it with them, but it's good to see someone (especially from our old dev team) picking up the torch and staying true to the original lore.
It's become a goal of mine to do something to get into each of these :) Thanks for doing this Hitogen, your documentation of a lot of things on BYOND doesn't go unappreciated.
I'm with you on that, Zecronious. The only reason I haven't posted things yet is because I don't want to do it too early in the projects. That can be bad for motivation, and such.

I look forward to these each month, so thanks a ton for all your hard work Higoten.
We're adding more content and polishing. We're also going to be adding a MOBA-styled PvP event this month along with the classes.
In response to Pixel Realms
Pixel Realms wrote:
We're adding more content and polishing. We're also going to be adding a MOBA-styled PvP event this month along with the classes.

Im looking forward to ter post about the game :)
Still working on Skirmish as a priority but an old stable version of Feed is being hosted 24/7 and updated periodically. This is moreso a pet project but I hope it will draw some attention from former Feeders! (:
Well I hope a lot of people come to check out my game when I host it live for the first time so I can get some opinions of the game in its current state which is what I beleive is a good base(despite glitches and possible pvp balance issues). Though I will keep on improving it's gameplay and content, it's still no where close to the game I want.

Edit: which the date of my planned beta is next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Any person that tries I am indebted to you and will pay you 100 yen.
I still doubt any of them will be as popular as Space Station 13.
In response to Evilkyle24
Just you wait, ill hit 1000 within a week haha(no probably not).But, the difference is I'm making a horror rpg with anime inspired classes. Horror is big right now and there is very few expansive sprite based horror rpg's. Than I am simultaneously attacking the anime crowd as well. So I have some confidence I will be successful. Space 13 has a creative concept but It can be beaten with marketing. For example if I forked a couple grand for advertisment to buy out a popular youtuber. Or once the webclient becomes more reasonable to deal with its very possible for me or other projects to succeed it. As honestly 300-600 players on at a time is not hard to do. Its just that these sprite based mmo's cover a niche market. Its how do you grow this niche market and expand it to be as big as it can be. Marketing. Which no byond game I've seen has ever done.

I know I may sound like I am trying too hard, but maybe I am and that's fine with me. Maybe marketing it will be a waste of money but thats for me to decide. But of course I don't want to market it until I find that my product is at a very desirable level.
I'm honestly more interested in SS13, but if you do some marketing it may also increase in popularity, so no issues there. I feel like BYOND is under the radar, less well known. Advertisement would definitely help.
In response to Evilkyle24
Why SS13? I know I've been ripping on it latley, but I may as well listen to why a fan likes it as I am unable too.
In response to DanteVFenris
Because it's incredibly in depth.
In response to PJB3005
PJB3005 wrote:
Because it's incredibly in depth.

And it offers players a chance at a completely new experience every game.

SS13 is a very interesting game. It's got problems at a technical and UI level, but other than that, it's an amazing concept and the effort that's been put into it should be applauded.
What is the concept?

I guess that's the problem. It's probably really fun once you get into it but it's hard to start if you don't know what you are doing like me.
What is the concept?

You are a spess man. Bad stuff happens and you try to keep all of your blood and poop inside of you.

That's about the gist of it. But it's an amazingly detailed game. Rather than making fun of something just because of what other people say about it, you really ought to give it a shot for yourself.

I only take shots at SS13's codebase because we get a lot of arrogant commenters around here that can't imagine that the problems they are running into with SS13's codebase could possibly be because they are using suboptimal approaches. Occasionally they run into BYOND bugs, but more often than not the community's opinion is that BYOND is a crap engine not capable of doing what they want it to do. The reality is merely that there are ways to improve what they are doing that would alleviate their complaints, but there are too many programmers with hands on it to ever really clean up the codebase and get it within reasonable standards.

The game itself is brilliant in a very insane sort of way. In fact, I was once a huge proponent of the game in its early days, and hosted an RP server for a number of years.
I only make fun of it so any of the developers listen to me and clean up there user interface and make tutorials. If they did that they'd expand there audience probably much more than they could now. If I'm a seasoned gamer and I give up because I don't know what I'm doing. Chances are there are tons like me. It's not the code base I'm too worried about. It's mainly the art and user interface.

But he I've tried it, but maybe I'll give it more of a chance.
In response to DanteVFenris
Tutorials are on the server you're playing ons wiki

UI's pretty bad though, yeah
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