I know x.x haha
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EmpirezTeam wrote:
are you freaking kidding me

That girth.
Snail's is transexual only.
Tom beat you guys GG.
...The smart lovely milk banana? What is going on in this thread?
I just realized if you click the dick, you can toggle it from flaccid to hard and back to flaccid again.
@ET man the hoes be all on you if you got some clean Fila's.

@D-Cire nah editted post I am only 20.
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Woooow you're older than me. Lame.
Seriously, I'm 21 :p
The Sporty Little Madam Killer.

Level 666

Str: 666
Hp: not reachable

Job: back up satan for when satan takes a holiday

Soul manipulate: able to take souls from all life forms with unlimited reach.
Soul transform: can manipulate souls into other energy sources such as heat.
Decapitation: decampitates you
Dismemberment: dismembers you
Cannabilism: eats you
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Doohl wrote:

Someone plz remove this from here ;__;
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