513.1519 (Notes)

The animation overhaul shook up a couple of snafus which have now been corrected, along with some miscellany.
513.1520 (Notes)

Quashing more animation bugs that popped up.
513.1521 (Notes)

Several important bug fixes, and better palette handling in the DM icon editor.
513.1522 (Notes)

Fixed a nasty regression with verbs. This is a client-side fix so this release is only for Windows.
513.1523 (Notes)

Several fixes in Dream Seeker and Dream Maker, plus some new feature goodness. Minor undocumented changes to the server code include a slight improvement in some routines that used numbers, avoiding a redundant type check.
513.1524 (Notes)

A few very important client fixes in this Windows-only release.
513.1525 (Notes)

Multiple important client fixes along with some server changes and possible performance improvements, and a new feature.
513.1526 (Notes)

A massively awaited collection of bug fixes along with a couple of last-minute improvements. This is the new stable release! Goodbye 512!
513.1527 (Notes)

513's first maintenance release includes a couple of important compiler fixes, along with some other small fixes.
513.1528 (Notes)

Another maintenance release with some more fixes.
513.1529 (Notes)

Time for another maintenance release! Work on 514 and also the CEF project is proceeding.
513.1530 (Notes)

A maptext snafu caused some crashing problems, so we have a new release.
513.1531 (Notes)

More maptext fixes, along with an experimental fix to the compiler that should prevent some weird problems after a build fails due to certain kinds of errors.
513.1532 (Notes)

Ouch! That new compiler fix was actually very broken, but testing was inadvertently done on the wrong build and missed it. The issue has been corrected in this new release.
513.1533 (Notes)

An overdue maintenance release with some minor fixes. Also includes an experimental fix to a rare issue with the string tree when hosting in Linux.
513.1534 (Notes)

Miscellaneous fixes that needed to get out the door.
513.1535 (Notes)

Some other minor fixes, plus that link() fix had a pretty nasty issue that slipped past testing.
513.1536 (Notes)

Seems like the Friday curse is inverted this week! Third try's the charm for that stupid link() bug?
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