439.1015 (Notes)

Fixes to medal stuff for linux users (other unix versions coming shortly). Windows users can grab it but it isn't really necessary.
440.1016 (Notes)

This is an extremely minor release. It has a fix to the gliding algorithm that I'm hoping will address some of the aforementioned movement issues (eg, [link]).. so if you have noticed anything like that, try it out.
441.1019 (Notes)

Despite the long delay between releases, this is a pretty minor build. It contains a few fixes and some new features, including the much-sought client.computer_id to keep out annoying spammers. We are not doing a formal announcement or releasing this in the "BYOND updates" just yet, because it has substantial hidden changes and I want to make sure those are stable. (FYI, we embarked on a project to improve the pager but backtracked it for the time-being; much of the internal work is in this release though).

We will hopefully be back to more regular updates starting next week. There are a number of verified bug reports that we can tackle as well as some cool new features on the horizon.
442.1020 (Notes)

Stability release to 441 (will take public if it holds up) + a few long-term fixes. We've got some bigger things in store for 443 hopefully.
443.1023 (Notes)

Primarily minor bug fixes that have been on the backburner forever... the bug tracker really helped highlight these and I expect it'll be easier to keep on top of future bugs. There are a few bigger fixes and some small features too. If this proves stable, we'll have some big new features in the next release.

[Edit - bumped subversion to 1022 to add in an icon fix]
[Edit - bumped subversion to 1023 to add in a DB fix]
444.1024 (Notes)

This minor release adds the ability to use multiple map controls as secondary HUDs. If you choose to use this feature, you should alert users to update their BYOND clients to 444 as that is required to make it work properly; we do not enforce the restriction as it is difficult to detect generally and would invalidate a lot of games that do not use the feature.
445.1026 (Notes)

This should fix a few bugs that leaked into 443/444, as well as a couple of other things.

[Edit] update to 445.1026 with one extra fix
446.1027 (Notes)

Just a few very small fixes for stability.

Bigger things are on the way!
448.1030 (Notes)

[Edit -- bump to subversion 1030 to fix bad flick() crash. Redownload if you grabbed 1029 earlier]
449.1031 (Notes)

We haven't made the last few releases public (auto-notified from the pager) because we're trying to eek out any remaining stability issues. This one fixes a few more minor bugs.
450.1032 (Notes)

A very minor build that fixes a crasher and prevents cache buildup. Please test if you can-- if this proves stable I would like to take it public today (exposing it to the 95% that doesn't see these "beta" updates).
455.1046 (Notes)

This is public beta. The download is in the second section (Beta). Please read the notes thoroughly before filing any complaints, since there have been some substantial changes and a few incompatibilities (which can be easily resolved by the developer). The notes include a link to an updated reference that has a number of sections on the new drawing modes.

Lummox JR has created a small demo of the new isometric capabilities. A tutorial or two will be forthcoming as time permits.

Please post any issues (after reading the notes!) to the bug tracker. This is still a work in progress-- we have more improvements in mind-- but we'd like to release at this (hopefully stable) point and take time to address other issues in the software and community.
456.1048 (Notes)

A round of fixes for 455 (along with a few outdated fixes). This release actually seems pretty stable, and barring disaster we will make it the official version early next week and move onto some new stuff.
457.1049 (Notes)

Some more fixes. This is the public version of the beta, and we'll be pushing it onto the hub release mechanism if it proves to be fully stable.
458.1050 (Notes)

More fixes. Now in public release.
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