506.1249 (Notes)

This is just a small security patch on the existing 506. We strongly encourage everyone on <=506 to update. Or better, update to the beta below as it should be completely stable (including more bug fixes) outside of the work-in-progress webclient.

507.1274 (Notes)

Both of these updates (and all subsequent ones) are now accessible via the pager download, but those without admin permissions may need to grab them from the installer.
506.1250 (Notes)

Another security patch for those on the 506 track. We strongly encourage everyone on <=506 to update. We'll have a 507 update pretty soon as we're making great progress on that front.
507.1275 (Notes)

This is a pretty signficant optimization release for the 507 webclient. Hopefully it works! Please test it out and let us know.

We are trying to bring compatibility with the webclient and DS, which means obsoleting a few likely unused things in DS. In this release, we've disabled the old run() functionality which I don't think anyone used (it required a confirmation anyway).
507.1278 (Notes)

Many more optimizations and some webclient fixes.
507.1279 (Notes)

We'll be moving 507 to "stable" shortly, but with the webclient disabled by default since that is still in beta. There are enough fixes that we encourage everyone to upgrade; keep in mind that the webclient stuff is strictly optional and only a consideration when hosting.
507.1280 (Notes)

This does not enable the webclient by default, so there's no reason not to upgrade. We will probably do an older-style VC6 build of this as the "stable" release pretty soon.
507.1282 (Notes)

This has some security patches addressing a few related issues with packet spoofing on the server (thanks Tobba!) We will move 507 into the stable branch (sans webclient-- which it doesn't activate by default) very shortly, probably tomorrow. Please test to ensure that nothing else is broken before we do so.
507.1283 (Notes)

A few minor fixes, and this is now in the stable track (but not released on the pager yet). We probably need to patch the auto-update mechanism to use an installer before putting this on the pager, since this release is built on more modern VC libraries (finally). Please try it out and let us know if there are problems.
507.1284 (Notes)

The public release of 507 is on the pager now. The update mechanism should use the full-installer (which is better since it includes the uninstaller and registry). The web stuff isn't enabled by default in DD, but we suggest trying it out since it still needs a lot more testing.
507.1285 (Notes)

This has a fix to a bad key-related issue released in 1284, as well as another security patch discovered in testing. We strongly encourage everyone to update, since the 507 track has a lot of internal improvements. It is also good to get on 507 just because many hosts are starting to migrate to the webclient (improved in the soon-to-be-released 508).
507.1286 (Notes)

Some minor patches and a bug fix are included in this release (no FreeBSD build yet, but coming soon). Everyone is encouraged to upgrade to this version, as it includes some new hub communication that should be helpful going forward. In the near future, the hub will stop accepting versions prior to 500--except:


For the few die-hards still hosting or playing on older builds, 498 has been patched to handle the new hub contact as well as include a few security fixes that have appeared in later builds.
508.1287 (Notes)

A slew of new language features appear in this beta release, along with a lot of webclient fixes and some new icons for the icon and map editors. If I didn't get to a fix/feature that I said was probably imminent, don't worry--it's still coming soon.

Beta testers, please include the full version (major and minor build number) in any bug reports. Thanks!
508.1288 (Notes)

Fixes to Dream Seeker and Dream Maker, and a big new Dream Maker feature. There's no Linux build, as the only issue that impacted it is the case of compiling empty catch statements (id:1869108), which I really don't expect to ever come up before the next beta release.
508.1289 (Notes)

Several server-side fixes to the webclient and other miscellany.
508.1290 (Notes)

Multiple fixes, and long-awaited better map upscaling.
508.1291 (Notes)

Fixes, mostly for Dream Seeker but a few Dream Daemon fixes and some prospective ones not yet included in the notes.
508.1292 (Notes)

An important server fix, and an upgrade that impacts big games.
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