512.1453 (Notes)

The compiler improvement did have one issue regarding static vars. A few other miscellaneous issues were dealt with, and the Dream Maker IDE's object tree is faster now.
512.1454 (Notes)

Multiple fixes to some lingering refactor issues and even older bugs.
512.1455 (Notes)

Whew! Huge changes to the icon editor are in this release, plus some miscellany. This is a Windows-only release, because it basically only touches the frontend.
512.1456 (Notes)

Once more, with feeling! A pretty annoying issue with the new movie control didn't shake out in testing and made it into the previous release. Oops!
512.1457 (Notes)

Various fixes to the pixmap editor, and the first stage of changes to the main icon list.
512.1458 (Notes)

More icon editor fixes and features!
512.1459 (Notes)

512 is now the new stable build! There will probably be one or two more 512 releases pending new bug reports, but after that it's on to 513.
512.1460 (Notes)

Quick fix to a problem with the icon editor that was new in the last release. The Linux build didn't really change.
512.1461 (Notes)

Minor fixes, all impacting the icon editor. Looking good!
512.1462 (Notes)

More quick icon editor fixes, plus the software renderer got a little messed up in the icon editor change.
512.1463 (Notes)

Some maintenance fixes for 512: a couple of client issues and a couple of compiler ones. First release of the year!
512.1464 (Notes)

Several more fixes, plus a performance boost for some games on the client end.
512.1465 (Notes)

A myriad of fixes, plus a new profiling feature.
512.1466 (Notes)

The last release had an unexpected server bug that affected a subset of games including SS13, and there was a minor bug with the new overtime column in the profiler when reading from older worlds without overtime data.
512.1467 (Notes)

Various fixes, especially to an old but nasty server bug that impacted some SS13 servers.
512.1468 (Notes)

Several fixes, mainly for the client related to mouse and rendering stuff, but there's a new feature and a small server fix as well.
512.1469 (Notes)

Client mouse hits were all messed up.
512.1470 (Notes)

Still one more lingering problem with the screen-loc mouse coordinate.
512.1471 (Notes)

A bunch of fixes in this new maintenance release! Hopefully this is one of the last before 513.
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