512.1473 (Notes)

More fixes, including a massive redesign to filter references, and some more optimizations.

Filter code that relied on old buggy behavior (e.g., animations continuing after the filter was removed) will need to be updated.
512.1474 (Notes)

A stupid bug squeaked through testing, so this is a quick-fix release to take care of it. This release is Windows-only, since only Dream Seeker was affected.
512.1475 (Notes)

Doh! A sneaky bug got into some initial() calls in 1473, causing chaos with games that use it a lot. This may not have appeared on anything but the most complex games, i.e. SS13.
512.1476 (Notes)

More bug fixes, some for newer bugs and some for older ones. A nasty appearance leak in animate() has been with us for a while. There was a newer issue with output() to a control when using an operator override. The map editor misplacement is fixed. Other miscellany too, but there were some very important fixes in this release.
512.1477 (Notes)

Doh! The late fix to grid formatting also caused a statpanel problem that slipped through testing. This is a Windows-only release since it's a Dream Seeker bug.
512.1478 (Notes)

Several juicy fixes in this release, including some really obscure server-side bugs, plus the infamous non-appearing output scrollbar issue should be fixed for good.
512.1479 (Notes)

A couple of small fixes here: one to a regression for filter animations, another to the way visual bounds are handled on the server that impacted vis_contents.
512.1483 (Notes)

A compiler fix and some server stability miscellany. Recommended upgrade.

The minor build skipped 1480-2 because those are 513 private beta builds.
512.1484 (Notes)

Quick update for another possible server issue.
512.1485 (Notes)

A couple of bug fixes for the client, plus a long-overdue refactor to some server objects.
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