513.1499 (Notes)

This is basically a client fix, but a hugely important one because it fixes a crash issue in some games (mainly SS13). May as well update the servers too.
513.1500 (Notes)

The icon crash fix in 1499 didn't quite go far enough, although it did help, but 1500 appears to have finally locked it down properly. Another minor client fix is included that mainly impacts our Russian users.
513.1501 (Notes)

A few more good fixes; and last time around the fix for the Russians didn't take, so once more with feeling.
513.1502 (Notes)

A bunch of fixes in this release, including an undocumented change to the output control that may fix an issue Russian users experienced with spaces disappearing. Important server and compiler fixes are included. Another undocumented change involves the HTML version of the reference that I'm hoping to later handle in Dream Maker itself—check it out in your browser!
513.1503 (Notes)

More solid fixes and the fully swankified DM reference--now with filtering available in the Dream Maker reference window!
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