513.1539 (Notes)

That ?. fix is the gift that keeps on giving, so there's a new fix for the fix. Also some longstanding #define macro issues have been addressed, and there's a fix to maptext underlines.
513.1540 (Notes)

First release of the new year with a lot of bug fixes. Hopefully this is the last maintenance release for 513. 514 is incoming!

Note of a breaking change, especially for SS13 coders: anyone currently using "as color" or "as command_text" in a loop to work around a bug with "as anything" will no longer be able to do so, since that was using one bug to work around another. Loops with all of those types will work correctly now, which means the workaround that relied on buggy behavior is not viable anymore, but not needed anymore either.
513.1541 (Notes)

A maptext bug escaped the testing nets, so let's try that again.
513.1542 (Notes)

Last release before 514, fixing up a major bug in findtext/replacetext to start 514 off right.
514.1543 (Notes)

The first 514 release! Lots of new features! Undoubtedly lots of new bugs too!

Please report any beta-specific issues in Beta Bugs and be sure to use the full build number (e.g., 514.1543) when reporting. (Issues that affect 513 as well still go in Bug Reports, but it's helpful to know what versions of 514 they were tested on as well.)
514.1544 (Notes)

First round of 514 bug fixes. Keep the reports coming!
514.1545 (Notes)

More fixes, plus some miscellany. The .dmb format has changed for worlds compiled in 514, so be sure to recompile.
514.1546 (Notes)

A bunch more fixes in this big release.
514.1547 (Notes)

Lots more fixes, mostly to Dream Seeker, but also some new features and changes to particles.
514.1548 (Notes)

Another big release with lots of fixes, including some stragglers from 513.
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