514.1579 (Notes)

We were overdue for a maintenance release. A couple of minor bug fixes are included, as well as an improvement to istype() and typesof() that might be significant in some projects.
514.1580 (Notes)

A nasty issue with the new typesof() code slipped past testing.
514.1581 (Notes)

Another issue showed up with the new typesof(), causing a weird intermittent bug on reboots.
514.1582 (Notes)

A few more maintenance fixes, mainly centered around Unicode handling.
514.1583 (Notes)

A bug crept into regular expressions, and the input() box wasn't handling some characters well.
514.1584 (Notes)

Whew! This is a long overdue maintenance release. I've been hard at work on 515 but enough issues had cropped up that a new release was called for.
514.1585 (Notes)

Another maintenance release with some fixes to a few pesky issues. Some fixes turned out to impact both the server and client alike, so they've been marked appropriately.
514.1586 (Notes)

A long-awaited maintenance release for 514 before 515 hits the beta. We're looking at at least one more alpha release for 515 before beta starts.
514.1587 (Notes)

A nasty regression snuck in the last release, and a couple of bug reports were filed too late to include in it, so here's a new build with those fixes.
514.1588 (Notes)

Another regression in 514.1586 was found, although it was a subtle compiler issue affecting only some projects. It still warranted a fix, so here it is.
514.1589 (Notes)

Yet another maintenance release. This is probably the last one before the 515 beta!
515.1590 (Notes)

BYOND 515 arrives in beta today! It comes with a huge boat of new language features and a massive overhaul to the map editor.

As usual all bugs with the beta version should be posted in the Beta Bugs forum, not the regular Bug Reports forum, and be sure to include the full version number (version.build).
515.1591 (Notes)

The first round of beta bug fixes is here, and it's a bunch! Thanks for your bug reports and keep 'em coming.
515.1592 (Notes)

Second round of bug fixes for the 515 beta series.
515.1593 (Notes)

More fixes! I think this might hopefully put anything related to playability to bed, allowing me to focus on the threading project.
515.1594 (Notes)

Another batch of fixes, plus a new nameof() feature requested by SS13 coders who needed it.
515.1595 (Notes)

More fixes, and some preliminary changes to the garbage collector (that should be for the better) with more on the way.
515.1596 (Notes)

Whew! A huge list of fixes, especially to the map editor (special thanks to Higoten for many of those reports and the test cases), with a couple of important client fixes along for the ride.
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