514.1579 (Notes)

We were overdue for a maintenance release. A couple of minor bug fixes are included, as well as an improvement to istype() and typesof() that might be significant in some projects.
514.1580 (Notes)

A nasty issue with the new typesof() code slipped past testing.
514.1581 (Notes)

Another issue showed up with the new typesof(), causing a weird intermittent bug on reboots.
514.1582 (Notes)

A few more maintenance fixes, mainly centered around Unicode handling.
514.1583 (Notes)

A bug crept into regular expressions, and the input() box wasn't handling some characters well.
514.1584 (Notes)

Whew! This is a long overdue maintenance release. I've been hard at work on 515 but enough issues had cropped up that a new release was called for.
514.1585 (Notes)

Another maintenance release with some fixes to a few pesky issues. Some fixes turned out to impact both the server and client alike, so they've been marked appropriately.
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