515.1599 (Notes)

Multiple bug fixes across the board, and some more improvements for the map editor and the new dd.exe.
515.1600 (Notes)

Build 1600! Most of the fixes are for the map editor, but an important issue with json_decode() has been addressed as well.
515.1601 (Notes)

Fixes to a couple of nasty map editor issues that snuck in, plus a change to icon loading that should reduce stuttering in certain games.
515.1602 (Notes)

A couple of important fixes, but mostly this is a feature release with #pragma taking center stage.
515.1603 (Notes)

More important fixes, getting set for SendMaps tests.
515.1604 (Notes)

Several overdue fixes that came through during the thread testing. Map threading is not enabled in this release but so far it appears to be stable under Windows.
515.1605 (Notes)

Incremental fixes and an improvement to dd.exe. Some more map editor fixes are incoming soon.
515.1606 (Notes)

Quick fix release! The area appearance fix in the last release had a problem that could cause occasional crashes, which was particularly noticed in the threaded test build.
515.1607 (Notes)

A couple of fixes and small new features that have been waiting in the wings. SendMaps testing is getting really mature now, so I may make the threading official for the next build.
515.1608 (Notes)

One of the compiler fixes in 1607 wreaked major havoc with some cursed code mixing explicit text() calls with string embeds (everyone should be using the latter).
515.1609 (Notes)

Finally, the new version with all of 515's major milestones is ready! This includes not only a bunch of important bug fixes that had stacked up, but also the first release of Byondapi and the public release of map threading.

Some more minor fix releases are in the cards for 515 before it gets buttoned up as the new stable release.
515.1610 (Notes)

Some bug fixes with Byondapi and especially the map editor, plus a bunch of miscellany.
515.1611 (Notes)

Another overdue bug fix release! We're closing in on 515 being the new stable build.
515.1612 (Notes)

Quick Windows-only build to fix a bizarre issue with code selections in Dream Maker.
515.1613 (Notes)

A bevy of quick fixes for the weekend, and now Linux and Windows are back in sync.
515.1614 (Notes)

More maintenance fixes, and some undocumented updates in the frontend code to move us closer to dark mode support in Dream Maker. 515 is pretty close to being nailed down as the new stable version.
515.1615 (Notes)

A long-overdue maintenance release with some fixes and features. This is also our first release with the new Windows compiler, in preparation for the new development system, and it officially ends Windows XP support. The downloads page has also been updated to drop Windows 7 and 8, although it's possible those may still work; they simply won't be supported going forward.

This may be the last beta build before 515 goes to the stable channel.
515.1616 (Notes)

Get yer red hot weekend fixes! A few issues crept into the new release so here's a quick fix for those.
515.1617 (Notes)

A few more fixes, along with a couple of features. I'm not calling this the new stable release yet, but we're close to ending the beta.
515.1618 (Notes)

A quick fix release for some issues with world procs and world shutdown.
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