476.1081 (Notes)

A few more little fixes...
477.1084 (Notes)

This hopefully fixes a strange server crash in recent releases (most likely everpresent but exacerbated by some new features). We won't "officially" release to the hub until we're convinced it's working well.
478.1085 (Notes)

Fixes to a few more annoying crashes.
479.1086 (Notes)

This is a fairly minor build. We found that game.rsc files hosted in Member space weren't properly being accounted, so that users playing the corresponding games had to download them constantly. This build fixes that problem for clients who use it.
480.1087 (Notes)

We went a number of months between releases and some bugs built up, so this addresses most of them. I'm leaving it in a "developer forum" beta for a little bit just in case something went wrong. It should be OK so please test, especially if you encountered any of the bugs.

I wanted to get a few of the many requested features into this release, but we got tied up in some optimizations and other foo. We do have some things in the works so hopefully we'll get some upgrades in the next release or two.
In response to Tom
480.1088 (Notes)

Re-release to fix a bug in creating temporary files on certain Windows OSes.
481.1089 (Notes)

Lots of bug fixes and a few little features. This is in "beta" for a bit so please let us know (via bug tracker) if it has problems.
In response to Tom
481.1090 (Notes)

Re-release with a fix to the new zoom+selection issue. No need to download unless that's been bugging you.

This appears to be stable so it is now our default release. We'll be putting it up on the hub next week if it stays stable.
482.1091 (Notes)

New release with some long-requested features.
483.1092 (Notes)

This is a Beta release. The only real feature here is the offloading of dynamic icon operations to the client. This has performed well in testing, but we need to see how it does under real load, so we'd like it if hosts of larger games could give it a try. Currently 483 servers require 483 clients (which can be obtained in the Beta section at the bottom of the Download page.

Please give us feedback!
484.1093 (Notes)

Mostly minor fixes to 483, which is now our public version (but not yet released on the hub).
485.1094 (Notes)

Fixes to 484, which apparently didn't get enough beta testing. Hopefully this one is pretty stable!
486.1095 (Notes)

A few more fixes to instabilities introduced in 483/484.
487.1096 (Notes)

More fixes.
488.1097 (Notes)

More fixes.
In response to Tom
488.1098 (Notes)

Whoops, we had a minor error the 1097 build.
489.1099 (Notes)

An improvement to some internal routines involving pixel-movement. This shouldn't have widespread effect (outside of games that use this kind of thing), but since it touched some heavy internals we'll keep it off the main hub release for a few days.
OMG, I've been posting in this thread for four years.

490.1101 (Notes)

This is a BETA release. We expect some bugs and/or undesirable behavior, and will make it a priority to fix those. However, we think this is should be a really nice addition to most BYOND games. Try it out and let us know what you think. For basic games, you should only have to change the movable/step_size var and the world/fps var to get started.

More info: Pixel perfect!

In response to Tom
490.1102 (Notes)

Just a fix for a one major issue with collisions. Anyone testing the beta should redownload.
In response to Tom
490.1103 (Notes)

From Lummox JR:

- Movement states persist at least 0.1s to reduce flicker
- Turf bounds are now correct in a SIDE_MAP project
- Default bounds didn't init properly in projects with altered icon_size due to order of operations at startup
- walk_rand() without a speed was broken
- Isometric placement in map editor didn't work (no bug report but mentioned by Gooseheaded)
- Continuous movement of an object slowed the client over time (I noticed this last nght)

I made a minor improvement to the key repeat on the client as well, but it doesn't completely solve the problem of movement commands occasionally skipping a server tick due to timing issues. However with the move flicker basically eliminated, I think that's a lot less noticeable now. I'll have to work on a more comprehensive timing solution some other time after letting ideas percolate a bit.
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