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490.1104 (Notes)

- Bump() was called before changing loc/step_x/step_y during partially successful slides in Move(). (Albro1)
- Repeated movement commands were getting swallowed up by timing inconsistencies between the client and server; they can now queue up to a limit based on world.fps. (Jotdaniel)
- Client eye offsets were incorrect in some cases, and needed to be centered on the bounding box instead of the tile. (Kaiochao)
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490.1105 (Notes)

- Support for two repeating keys has been added. (Note this will not combine movements into a single movement.) (Aegon)
- Hit detection was incorrect in some unusual bounds cases. (Falacy)
- Comparing 0 to -0 produced incorrect results, when these should have been treated the same. (Popisfizzy)
- Starting up worlds with large maps took longer than it should (fixed in 490.1101 but not noted until 1105).
- Changing the dropdown in the new file dialog in Dream Maker did not change the extension. (Higoten)
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490.1106 (Notes)

- New double-key repeat was not correct at all framerates.
- Some layering improvements made to SIDE_MAP.
- Gliding is now disabled if any pixel movement is used at all.
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490.1107 (Notes)

- step_to() and walk_to() failed in some situations where the target was a movable atom. (Hiro the Dragon King)

- view() and similar procs could report duplicates of objs or mobs in some cases. (F0lak)

We're hoping this will be the last beta release, as the bug reports have come to a crawl.
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490.1108 (Notes)

- Removed the dual-key repeat feature, as this caused problems for some existing games. This may be reconsidered in the future.

- When creating a new project in Dream Maker, the initial .dm file created will have some stub code to set some simple defaults.

- Bug fix: Output controls flickered when cleared.
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490.1109 (Notes)

This is now a public release. We'll keep it off the hub update for a day or two just in case of issues, but we're thinking it's fairly stable now.

- step_size can be set to a multiple of the tile size while still leaving gliding turned on.

- More layering issues with SIDE_MAP fixed (Kaiochao)
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490.1110 (Notes)

- windows-only fix to a dual-key bug (Aaiko)
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490.1110 (Notes)

Extremely minor fix, hopefully the last of the 490 series (up on hub shortly).

- /image datums had new vars showing up in their vars list that were not supported.
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490.1112 (Notes)

- When changing the file type dropdown for a new file in Dream Maker, extensions are not added if the filename box is empty. (Falacy)

- The focus param in winget() only returned true if that exact control had focus; now it is true if anything contained in that control has focus. (Mikau)

- Verbs starting with .key, such as .key_down, failed silently. (Jp)

- When holding down a key for a repeating macro, changing the modifier (shift/ctrl/alt) keys did not switch to a different repeating macro if a matching macro was available. (Stevenw9)

- Key repeats were sometimes lost to timing errors; the filter for duplicate commands is slightly more forgiving now. (Falacy)

- The Ctrl, Shift, and Alt keys can be used as macros on their own, including with the +Up modifier. They do not repeat.
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490.1113 (Notes)

(windows-only update)
Hopefully we're done with the last minute fixes/changes. If this proves to be stable enough, we'll re-release it as 491 on the hub tomorrow.

- Macros now work when extra modifiers (shift,ctrl,alt) are pressed. (Mega fart cannon)

- When switching from one repeating macro to another on the same key but with different modifiers, the original macro's +UP counterpart will fire.

- Locally saved skin parameters were being used even when the skin itself didn't set them up in saved-params, which provided a partial bypass to control_freak. (Aaiko)
491.1114 (Notes)

This is literally build 490.1113 recompiled as version 491. The purpose is to put a consistent release on the hub so that users of the older 490 betas will get in sync. There is no need to download it if you already have 490.1113, but it doesn't hurt.
492.1115 (Notes)

A few fixes from more public testing. This only affects windows installations.
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493.1117 (Notes)

Build 1116 had a crash, which we're investigating. If you are experiencing problems, grab the newest build from the download page.
494.1126 (Notes)

This update includes numerous bug fixes and a nice new feature-- direct output of text onto the map via atom.maptext. Because of a number of internal changes (including a move to DX9 to better support the text output), this is a "testing" release that we'll keep in beta for a week or so.

Servers that use maptext require the 494 client, but for those that do not, older clients should work.

We'll be updating this release shortly with some internal changes and a proper reference.
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494.1127 (Notes)

Minor fix to a pager link issue.
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494.1128 (Notes)

A few more fixes as well as the inclusion of alpha blending for maptext. Full notes forthcoming.
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494.1129 (Notes)

Mainly a fix to the maptext default font color.
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494.1130 (Notes)

Some more fixes, including some debugging on the elusive pager/DS "guest login" issue. Also some documentation on maptext and a new installer setup courtesy Nadrew.
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494.1131 (Notes)

More minor fixes.
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