I'm not really sure if this was mentioned before, but I like to look up artwork from a blog that I think does really fantastic designs. It's not pixel art, but I've realised using Inkscape and MSPaint, you can scale them to 32x32 size and it still looks quite neat. also has a vast amount of content.
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Pixel Realms wrote: also has a vast amount of content.

Oh yea - I've gotten some art from that site before too, especially when I was trying to get some images into spreadsheets I work with. Great collection.

But I also wanted to point out that the link I posted earlier had the files in .svg format - so you can use Inkscape to play around with it (like I could move the guns on their own - or just move a foot of the soldier).. so I found it nicer to work with.. And he's more into teaching how to create your own art than just giving you art (I still struggle to make my own art though lol)
How do you pixelate it btw? I actually had a tricky time doing that. I ended up copying the thing to MSPaint.. then roughly counted how many pixels my original is, and tried to make it to fit 32x32. But I'm sure there should be a better way to do it.

I find working with vector graphics quite preferable in many ways though, so I don't think it's redundant too heh.
Oh.. sounds pretty cool.. I'll have to check that one day. I'm still a total noob in making games though (and starting to understand what BYOND is about).. It really is meant for amateur programmers like me.. so I guess I should say a big thank you to Tom for creating it.. I just read some parts of Still trying to grasp what's going on :p
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Fucking beautiful.