What's the appeal? I see hundreds of people playing it.

I tried it out, didn't seem exciting or anything. Really hard to understand what I'm supposed to do, even after reading the wiki, the quick-start guide, etc.

Anyone enlighten me?
It's not the kind of game everyone can get into. It can be really fun if you get a good RP going, but otherwise it's mostly just running around blowing things up, killing people, and stuffing people into lockers then welding them shut.
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robertbanks pretty much summed it up for you speedro. I never got into it really. I tried it only because a few friends wanted me to other then that not a huge fan.
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Actually, to me it's more fun when you have a lot of impact on the round (being traitor/whatever, head of stuff, security, etc).
Or, if you can't get that, when you or someone else does something completely ridiculous.

People that have the impression this game is about acting exactly the way you would in real life (usually the play to win people who never relax) pretty much make the shit side of the Space Station 13 community.