Shonen Jump Battlers - Season 1

by Mana Production
Shonen Jump Battlers - Season 1
A fighting game based off Heroes of Shonen Jump by Team Mana - Who will be the best battler?
Shonen Jump Battlers's Season 2 has arrived!
Since the freshly wipe, the game went into a little break.
Now, we're bringing you the version 1.50 of SJB: The Darkness Revolution part 1

Newest Character added until now is Kid Buu.
Kid Buu is also available in Shonen Shop.


Avatar System: The shop has been updated for Avatar Acquirement.
In order to obtain a new avatar, you must not only have 5 keys but you would require to obtain a certain level, which differ by characters depending of their strength in game. (Ex. Kenshin - Level 25)

Arcade System: The AI have been greatly improved to correspond to the difficulty set but this wasn't the only thing. Difficulties are now set depending of your party's average level. As your party's level grows, you may unlock new difficulty to challenge yourself along with your group. This was updated in order for players to rise themselves up instead of leeching off from high leveled players.

Battler's Card: The Battler's Card has been updated and looks cleaner than it was before. Also show now your total experience and the total experience needed to level up.

Character Updates
Kenshin: Kenshin can now link his Upperslash (UP X) with his air attacks
Train: Train doesn't longer recharge his Koma Meter with Stand X, he can recharge with Down Z (originally) again.

Next Update

Training Dummies: Training Dummies may do their return back to Shonen after their long hiatus due to major lag.
Two New Characters: Two new characters will be joining the roster soon
Arcade: 40 new waves: 40 new waves will be unlocked (Currently 80 waves)

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