The Launch Bundle from IndieRoyale offers A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda, Gemini Rue, Sanctum and Nimbus. Steam and Desura codes are offered where applicable. I think the way it works is you pay just over the minimum price. It's under $3 as I type this. I believe from first hand experience that A.R.E.S. is worth more than that alone. =)

IndieRoyale shall be offering more bundles later. Countdown timers can be seen when scrolling down the page.

Edit: I didn't understand the pricing before. Here's what it says in the FAQ:
"As people buy the bundle, the minimum price for the bundle rises, and you'll have to pay over this amount if you want to purchase a bundle of your own. However, people can also pay over the minimum amount to knock the price down (see the question above for details on that). Hence, the current price will keep changing as the week goes on!"
This is pretty neat. Looking down the page a bit it seems that a new bundle of games will also be available every two weeks.