Poll: Would it be worth the hassle to add music and sound effects to my game?

Yes 95% (23)
No 4% (1)

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I noticed a lot of BYOND games don't have any music or sound effects in their game. If I were to create a game, would it be a waste of time to implement these into it. A few people I have asked prefer to listen to their own music..
Totally depends on how you'd go about implementing it. You can't just add a sound when attacking and expecting it to all be good, you need to think about how annoying it'd get once a lot of people start spamming attack at the same time. Basically every single BYOND game that I have played that had sounds effects, I found myself muting because the sound system (if they even had one) was poorly executed.
Thank you everyone for your input!

I understand that, however, I plan on having multiple sound effects for skills. For example, a plain attack skill would randomly pick which sound to use in the list provided.
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I suddenly remembered how Diablo (especially the first version) used to have the same sound effects for say, every time your character gets hit, or every time you shot an arrow for instance.

I thought somehow they did it in a way that didn't sound awfully annoying, even though it was the same sound every time. Maybe it's about how you use sound to set up the mood.

I personally mute sounds when I play games though :p.. But I think I'm in the minority. I find a majority of players do need some kind of sound stimulus to truly enjoy their gaming experience.
I always wondered if you can use soundcloud in byond games. Since it uses HTML embedded. Just wondering...
Since it be nice to use that for music related. Then bogging up resources of full of soundtracks on byond. But then again bandwidth -_-.
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DarkNinjaNaut wrote:
I always wondered if you can use soundcloud in byond games. Since it uses HTML embedded. Just wondering...

Wouldn't the external dependency potentially cause problems? Track could be removed, the site may not be available, and so on.

I like the idea of sound effects and music, but only if I can control it. For example, maybe I want to listen to music, but I still want to hear sounds because I'm an aural player and I respond better to audible stimuli than visual.