People keep saying I didn't read their posts, I did, I just chose to ignore yours cause of the comments in it.

I don't appreciate anybody's help, right, you are the sole person that knows me so well, that you'd know such a thing just by looking at what I wrote to you.

You made a dick comment, you got one back, can't handle the heat, don't make it hot...

You expect me to read your post, and be instantly some uber coder fixing the problem straight away. I am no wizard, nor am I Harry Potter, sorry.

So just drop the attitude, alright...
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No, you just want plug & play. And whether or not I was being a "dick", that doesn't change the fact that the suggestions themselves would undoubtedly make your snippet remarkedly more efficient, you just chose to ignore it. I even noted at the end that I wasn't trying to sound harsh, I am doing this for your own good.

I believe there has been like 2 other people who have told you the same thing as myself: that you should make a player's list and look into while loops. This tells me that you didn't just choose to ignore me, you are ignoring everybody else's advice and hoping somebody fixes your seriously broken code for you.
So you just assume I am not looking into the things you, and the others suggested to me?

Just like that your all-seeing eye sees that fact?

You don't know jack shit mate, so don't pretend that you do. I am looking into specific guides, and links, and texts. Yet as I said, and you seem to ignore that fact, I am a new coder, I can't just read 1 guide, or 2 guides, and instantly know what I am doing straight away, that takes trial-and-error.

So once again, if you're here just to be a little bitch, and complaining that I ignore everyone's help and suggestions, then simply:

Buzz off :)
Sei: "What we need to hear isn't always what we want to hear."

Ego is the death of self-awareness.

Edit: Nevermind. This one's gonna take its own course.
Yes, because using colorful language and not asking the questions you need to be asking will surely get you the results you want. Because you know, #Logic.

I wish you luck, my friend. You're going to need it with that foul attitude.
I have a foul attidude, you simply come barging in here, and just assume I am not looking into the things people are suggesting...

Hypocrits be like?

Ter13 there's a limit to what a person can endure, getting told absolutely vile and utter garbage by people assuming to know how you tick.

If I need to ask for help, and then just let an avalanche of rude and obnoxious bananas tell me that I am not reading, listening, or considering anyones suggestions and help. Then I should just not ask help at all, this is no way to treat people, even if he were right, which he's not...
Alright mate, since you're obviously paying attention to what everybody says, what have you learned from the information you've gathered? How come you still haven't asked why everything beneath a while loop must be indented? Why haven't you asked about the need for a players list to be initiated and the need for players to be added to said list upon login? Why haven't you followed my advice when I told you manually adding a "cancel" option to a list was redundant, as that is the whole purpose of "as null". Why have you not followed our advice and indent things appropriately? because quite honestly, this otherwise extremely simple task is not something you can pull off, if you don't even understand the basic syntax of the DM language.
Do I need to ask questions even before I completely read an entire guide or two?

So you're asking me that I should ask these questions before reading the entirety of the guides, links, and texts?

I am not done reading the entirety of the guides yet, and I never did, I am in the process of reading them.

If you want me to ask these questions then by all means:

Why do you indent everything under a while loop?
Why is there a need for a players list to be initiated, and the need for players to be added to said list upon login?
Why didn't I follow you advice to remove the manual cancel?
- I haven't gotten around to it yet, was busy with another piece of code, and doing laundry in the meantime.

Does this answer your questions if not, feel free to ask more... I surely hope you don't though :)
I'm so done. Don't even know why I bother helping people here, seems like the amount of Alienx26's within this community is increasing steadily.

Your reasoning behind not asking questions is contradictory to your actual behavior. You said you "haven't gotten around to it" because you're busy reading the guide, but if that were to be the case, then why are you in the Developer's Help section, doing exactly what you said you don't have time to do?

I find it quite hysterical that you have all of this time to angrily reply to all of my comments, yet claim that you don't have time to ask the questions.

Anyways, fear not, wondering soul lost in the eternal abyss, for I shall not continue to converse with you.
I didn't have time at the time, who says I don't have time now. I find it quite funny how you seem to be calling people Alienx26's, yet you're too stupid to comprehend such a little fact...

The phrase "I haven't gotten around to it" is past tense, you know what past tense means right, or do I have to explain basic english to you?

It is for the better that you won't reply anymore, you're funny, but that's as far as you go...
I second what FishMan says. Only reason I posted my lame version is because you seemed to have been copying and pasting in the first place x.x
Ideally, create a variable to manage online users.

Construct a summoners variable list

Pick a player minus yourself and your summoners list

Loop the above so it happens 3 times.

pull the users from the list.

If index of the list is 1: locate somewhere
If index of the list is 2: locate somewhere
Seeming, and actually doing are two different things. I don't want either of your help anymore, if you'd think I do this only to ask for snippets, then just buzz off.

I can't appreciate people their help, if they treat me like utter garbage. So thanks, but no thanks.
Can anyone give me a link on how to use lists, so I can start learning how to use that list in this new verb?

I don't understand how to make one, then add to it, and call those in the list to summon them.

I wan't to learn this, so I don't have to keep asking people for help :)

Friendly reminder: You are going run out of people willing to help you if what's happened in your last couple of threads keeps up.
I don't care for that to be fair, they didn't really want to help much anyways.

They'd be putting me down so yeah.

Thanks for the link though :)
var/list/SummonsList= list("Seijins","Seijins2","Seijins3")
if(src.key in SummonsList)
src.loc = usr.loc

Don't really understand what you're trying to accomplish but that's how I see what you're explaining.. Lmfao
Or you could try;
var/list/SummonList = list()
Add_Player_SummonList(mob/M in World)
SummonList += M
usr<<"You added [M] to the Summon List!"
Remove_Player_SummonList(mob/M in World)
SummonList -= M
usr<<"You removed [M] from the Summon List!"
if(src in SummonList)
src.loc = usr.loc

This would allow you to completely control who's in the multiple summon list from within the game.
I don't think there's a need to use a global list there.

var/list/summoning = list()
var/mob/m = 1
m = input("Who [summoning.len ? "else " : ""]would you like to summon? (Click cancel to finish selecting players)","Summon #[summoning.len]") as null|mob in (players-summoning-usr)
summoning += m
for(var/mob/m in summoning)
m.loc = src.loc
In response to Ter13
Helpfully noted.
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