Output controls still tended to jump to the bottom instead of maintaining their position in some cases.
BYOND Version:507
Operating System:Windows 7 Pro
Web Browser:Firefox 31.0
Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Resolved (507.1284)

This issue has been resolved.
This still occurs on windows 7 64bit with 507 1276 granted it will scroll to the bottom about half a dozen times then not scroll anymore, but when you scroll the output pane manually it starts doing it again.
Can you outline a specific set of steps you tried that shows this? I actually did test on Windows 7 64-bit. The problem I found was that it was scrolling while in focus.

Also: Does regular output do this, or is there anything special about the output (images, etc.)?
Nothing special about the output or steps. Went ingame to inform the players of an upcoming downtime for a game update and due to being a ghost that can 'see' and hear everything emoted or said my chat kept scrolling down to the bottom when I attempted to scroll it back up. It was only until i stopped bothering did it finally settle on where it was.

There are images in the output when hearing telecomm chatter from intercoms or radios, shows a small icon of the tcomm device they used to talk.
So this only happened while you held down the scrollbar thumb?
Alright sorry

join server

text would autoscroll like it should with the output scrollbar being set at the end

try to scroll up and read other text

upon enough received lines of text it would autoscroll to the bottom like before the bugfix

repeat trying to scroll up and forced autoscroll

leave it be for a bit and eventually it would stop autoscrolling despite the output scrollbar being set to the end

attempt to scroll up or down to read something and it would repeat autoscrolling.
That doesn't actually answer my question. Does this only happen while you're holding down the scrollbar thumb, or does it happen if you scroll and then leave it a second?

Basically I need to know how to reproduce this myself, and my tests showed this was fixed. I did try things like scrolling up and then getting more text to appear.
while pressing the scroll arrow or dragging the scroll bar. it got cutoff somehow but it still shows it trying to autoscroll while scrolling up.
This happens constantly if you highlight some text and then output more text. It happens constantly without doing that too and it's super frustrating. If I just do a loop that outputs text to world every tick, eventually this bug happens.
I agree this is the most annoying thing ever to exist, please fix this. :)
I haven't forgotten about this. I'm not sure I know of how to fix the issue when focus is being held, but I haven't experienced it in those other situations since the fix.
Lummox JR resolved issue with message:
Output controls still tended to jump to the bottom instead of maintaining their position in some cases.