Does anyone still play or have an active subscription to Star Trek Online? I recently just got back on too see the progress of the game since I left the game sometime last summer.

If anyones wanting to try the game for a 3 days or so and wander around the Alpha Quad I still have 5 invites left or so that I don't mind giving out.
It's really tempting to ask, but it'd just be another distraction for me and my little time I get on anyways.
I bought it right after it came out, didn't even play past the first month. It was a really disappointing game in a lot of ways.
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I bought it two weeks after it came out. Sci-Fi at the time had been spamming my TV with it. However I will say the game has improved in some aspects. Next month for example season 4 will bring several game play revamps with ground combat for starters.
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At least from launch-era, ground combat needed scrapped and rebuilt, it was 10 year old gameplay at best. Space combat was good, but I've played better star trek sims before in terms of realism(to canon, not life), and in terms of fun, after a few battles you'd done all you could, the only thing left was bigger ships.
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Well, at the moment Steam is having a 33% off sale for STO:D Edition Considering that it comes with the free 30 days of gameplay. It may not be a bad idea to try it out.