I sent a Page to Teka123 and to Byond on a Harassment/Cyber Bullying Complaint that a female named NekoKia has been spreading rumors about me and causing problems sending people o threaten and troll me and my games.

I've gotton word that there was a post on Byond of my said Keyname of something she said I claimed that I have no account or recall saying. I have all Screenshots and witness's backlogs of her Threats,Rumors and false storys. The Harassment I would like to stop, this young lady has been harassing the Dragonball Zee games.....

I do not like how I'm being threaten to get hacked and false claims of theese rumors are effecting my respect around the Naruto games I do own. I never said anything to the count of being a Mod,admin, or Owner to Byond and do not wish to further more have my name or keyname dragged out into the public view of Byond.

This is the last time I will warn this said players Keyname upon this subject. This Said players Keyname was banned from pager long ago, and the said rumors and claims of her false claims is not truth. People who continue to log on my games and threaten me will be removed from my sight.

Further more:: This Topic is not in by any means a subject of fighting nor is it or should it be subjected to fights to further this topic along it is too keep the ideals of the facts clean and straight on what is the hearsay and why I'm not one to blame for this. Thank you for reading and I got enough of my own problems to deal with then having to deal and clear something like this immaturity up.

Yours Truly,
Joe Monte Falterona(Tenkichi)