I had an old link in the feature standards that led to this developer forum. When submitting a game for feature status, please use the Submissions forum.

Thank you and I apologize for any confusion.
I understand the whole featured game section wanting to be purely for original art.

But you should also add in a couple well polished fan games in there every now and then (if these ads are indeed outside of BYOND) it may help to draw player base for fan games to. And even with it being a fan game they may come through to byond in looks for one but instead be turned onto original art.

Its just my 2 cents that could bring in more traffic ofcourse everyone has different views. Cant blame them just saying

and yes im aware alot of people don't want the fangame traffic but its part of the growing online community of the world so you may aswell make use of it..
In response to Midgetbuster
I agree with this proposal. Showing one or two "original" (it's up to the BYOND moderators of course to distinguish what an "original" fangame is defined as) fangames to be listed on the featured games list to help attract new BYONDers. It will still promote creating and playing original games without the fangame flood. It lets the newbie BYONDers know that we do have fangames while at the same time have a lot of original games as well.