And here is a sword so simple it made me cry tears of passion.
Any plans of actually, oh you know, coloring it?
Nope. Simple black and white is the way to go =).
Why exactly did you post this? Are you looking for criticism? or just posting this for the heck of it?
I posted it in case someone needed a simple sword
What would anyone need this for...?
Idk o.O.
This thread lol.
so what if he posted it. Who cares if he did or not? It is a simple sword. Nothimg but. Let us bask in its simplicity. Its basic style. Its monochrome hue.
I came to this forum section to admire true art -.-, idk wtf this is.
:O nice someone actually had expectations of me :3 i feel so special.
I'm so awesome even the ghost version of me is a seasoned pixel artist.
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EmpirezTeam wrote:
I'm so awesome even the ghost version of me is a seasoned pixel artist.

Lmfao. Win!

Was fun to mess with the base outline.
I liked your sword. Some people need to realize not everyone is on the same level. People are too focused with being better than others, that they forget that some people need a boost. It looks great man and if that took effort that's all that matters. Probably better than I could do anyway, keep on at it
Clearly, many folks within this thread have no understanding of true art. Simplicity. Minimalism. Exceptionalism.

*sniffs haughtily* Philistines.
Well be different if it was animated or something literally clicked this and all it was was an outline of a sword lol. Even had to do extra work by clicking a link.
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Thanks bro i think you should check out john though. John in link below. images/9/94/To_big.png
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That's freaking sexy man!
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sword too small 1/10. A swords width must be at least 2*width of body length/widthOfIndexFinger^2