Universal Seas

by Edit Nero
Universal Seas
A large, unique universe, where war rages between pirates and marines.

Fight as a pirate or a marine, defending your territory, and trying to conquer the world. Join other crews, be a lone pirate, or rank up as a marine. The choice is yours.

Universal Seas Rules

  • Do not spam the game.
  • Do not beg for stats, boosts, and or items.
  • Do not kill at spawn points.
  • If you are caught bug abusing and do not let a GM know you will be banned no warning.
  • Respect every player and admin. Do not pretend to be someone you aren't.
  • Do not avoid any punishment given to you.

Universal Seas Team

  • Programmer/Owner: Nero
  • Pixel Artist: Position Available
  • GFX Artist: Position Available
  • Credits to past Owner: Micdogmic
  • Credits to past Pixel Artist: M.M
  • Credits to past GFX Artist: Galactic Soldier
  • Credits to: Cubanling
  • Soundtrack Creator: S.M

And a great thanks to all the people helping us test and make the game what it is currently.

when is game up?