Journey to the West Awakening

by RankoChan
Journey to the West Awakening
A roleplaying game mixing mythology with sci-fi.
We take beings from mythology and insert them into a universe where they are beings from another realm or world, a nice blend of fantasy and sci-fi.
11/10 changed my lif.
7.2/10 Too much space
Good game m8, I r8 8/8 because no h8
9/10 Promo hates Earth Halfies
this game made me a man. 4/4
Why am I banned by host?
In response to LastOfTheReal
We have a forum for matters such as this, I suggest you make a ban appeal on it for more information
Our host is currently receiving a performance upgrade for internet services, JTW will be back up as soon as the process is finished.
someone bring this game back?