I remember back in the old days of BYOND, a lot of focus was on developing MUDs (text based games) and the like. You can still find some of Dan's old MUD libraries and stuff laying around.

Recently in the midst of my BYOND and other projects, I've been working on a text MUD (ROM 2.4 heavily modified) that was derived from another MUD that's been running live since 1995. We're using the same codebase (the codebase is going open source) and have done a lot of cool mods.

If anyone around here is interesting in MUDs, I'd love to hear any feedback you have on our MUD - sort of a call for reviewers if you will. Who knows, maybe you'll love it and keep playing. =)

If you'd like to check out the project, Sovereign Dawn, just visit the main site at (completely unimpressive site btw) or connect directly at 4000.

Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces - let us know you're from BYOND when you login.