tom how long until you check your mail again it should have been there by now srry for bothering you btw i just really want that membership xD
Try buying anything else on the Internet (especially eBay) with a money order and tell me how long it takes to receive your product. Be patient, and be thankful they take Money Orders to begin with.
Hi, thanks for supporting BYOND. Unfortunately the mail order system is one of the slowest means of obtaining a membership.

The fact that the mail-checking is done in a cycle leaves gaps where it can take nearly two weeks or more for it to be received.

I'll talk to Tom personally and remind him to keep an eye out for your payment.

If it's not here by this next time I'm sure something can be done in terms of investigating what happened -- make sure you have the receipt for the money order handy. Just in case, because as we all know, the mail can be iffy sometimes.

Thanks again for your support, and I hope this can be worked out as soon as possible.