Well, here's the deal: I want to remake a Final Fantasy game, most preferably one within the range of 1 and 6 while still being at least faithful to the games themselves. So here is what my problem is with picking just one...

Without even thinking about it, anything above 6 is obviously out of the question because BYOND doesn't support 3D rendering, models, and textures. However, one could argue that it could be pseudo-3D like Sonic 3D, but it just seems too tedious.

1. People like customization, the ability to build ones character how they wish and not have to dedicate their time to one specific class.

This kicks FF1 and FF6 right off the bat.

2.I don't want to do something that has already been done on BYOND, it only shows lack of actual effort and creativity.

If you know BYOND well enough, than you know about Loud's Final Fantasy Legacy in it's prime and the still popular Final Fantasy 5: Another World brought to you by Cecil81067, Shinkinrui, Usei, and Hudson. Loud's remake was of FF4, FF5:AW being blatantly obvious. Alas, those are both taken.

3. I want to make a game people will play, not for just a couple die-hard fans.

Which is why FF3 is also out of the picture because they original remake was going to be made on the WonderSwan Color. That was until the project was scraped and was put on hiatus. It was remade on the DS, completely updated and given a huge face lift with spectacular 3D graphics, motivating cutscenes, and inspiring sound tracks, making it the first remake of the third game. There are two reasons why I can't do this: lack of support and its in 3D now. Damn.

This method of elimination leaves only one logical choice: FF2. I enjoy the ability to customize my characters because they do away with the traditional character level system and they, instead, go by a skill level system. Every action has an effect on something different, such as proficiency with a weapon, white magic, and black magic as well as having an effect on their character stats such as HP, MP, and strength. And better yet, the entire thing was remade a total of 5 times, plus the original NES version. So there is obviously support for it.

The question now is: Which would you, the player, rather have? Which faithful remake would you rather play despite all other reasons and my personal choice, and why?

I would rather make a game people would play instead of a game people would quickly glance at and pay no mind to, that is why I am asking you.

I would appreciate the feedback on the matter.
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Please, thanks.
I enjoyed FFVI the most from that list, but I don't think any of them are reasonable candidates for a BYOND game, sorry. That's your call though.