The following game above has ripped icons from an original project of mine, im mad at the fact ganite aka naitojames has decided to start leaking my icons to people like editnero i also provided proof that the icons belonged to me but hes still posting my work and claiming he owns it

Heres my proof of ownership:
I have to make a public statement, SasukeRavers game Genze District has a base that looks similiar to this one. Why? Because I also made that base, I made it and was pissed that I had to sell it because I REALLY liked it. So I made a 64x64 version, which I'm using in this game (And before this, Dragon Emblem which died and I recycled the icons for this)

So he ISN'T ripping, it's just one of those weird things that happen when two game developers make icons for each other.(zetes post) and grenze districts original page

Grenze District is what that base was created for and only that. Grenze-District

This is why byond games are so incomplete since we have so many (amateur) coders who promise to help finish projects then steal icons and give it out

*Lesson learned dont trust no stupid kids on byond most of them say they can help you with this and that but they cant even finish projects themselves heres an example he wont finish it :D its all pictures I NEED A REAL CODER OR Someone who can teach me how to code ill do it myself

P.S BYOND Admins plz remove Kalero aka the rip of the listings till he removes my stuff thanks

P.S Natojames/Ganite is a fail coder he will just steal your icons and release them i dont respect him at all for what he done

P.S EditNero I asked you nicely to remove my icons you tried to troll me and look what you made me do =D hope your happy with your ripped icons
FYI, Your watermark makes it impossible to actually see the art that's supposedly been stolen.
I cant believe you guys are still asking for proof thats why i hate byond i showed you all the proof i needed from zetes post he made the base for my project then make himself a 64x64 version of base @ gatewayra who are you? and what are you talking about ill post more of my icons here for you guys to see but ter13 you should ask zete or even read his post <---i am sasukeraver i dont wanna troll but people are using my work and its pissing me off I paid Over $80 for that base just for ganite and editnero to use/release my icons? I DONT THINK SO!!!! I also made a few of the states myself

P.S byond will never progress when there are fail coders who cant even code and release peoples icons as if to say they have ownership

Another coder who helped with project and was a lot more reliable GrenzeDistrict?tab=related#tab=index

I'm not saying I need more proof to believe anybody.

I'm just saying based on what you've posted, it's really not obvious who is doing what. To someone that doesn't know what screenshots are what, and what's in each screenshot, the information you've given is really unclear to an outsider.

If you don't make it amazingly obvious, there's no chance anybody's going to do anything about it. Even if you do make it obvious, moderation almost never gets involved in stuff like this in the first place.

It comes down to not working with people you can't trust in the first place.

As for Ganite, according to EditNero, he tried to leak Kalero's source code after not receiving a silly hub credit.
In response to NRON-Team
NRON-Team wrote:
P.S BYOND Admins plz remove Kalero aka the rip of the listings till he removes my stuff thanks

You should probably contact support. Keep in mind that even if their hub is removed, they can just make a new one. If I recall correctly, users can now list and tag their hubs instead of relying on moderators.

P.S byond will never progress when there are fail coders who cant even code and release peoples icons as if to say they have ownership

Your statement makes it sound like even if their hub isn't removed, it still won't be played since it'll play like garbage. If that's the case, then you should have no problem making your presentable and playable.
In response to Ter13
Ter13 wrote:
As for Ganite, according to EditNero, he tried to leak Kalero's source code after not receiving a silly hub credit.

Is this the same one, or no?

Because I'm pretty sure Ganite's receiving the same treatment by other people. Kind of a tit for tat thing going on right now.

yh thats the same ganite aka Naitojames
I didnt sell my base it was leaked by others i dont get how people are telling me i sold my stuff? zete you know i aint that stupid <--- @Zagros5000 I didnt sell you my base idk where the hell you got that info from, why would i sell my base if im still working on the project? (idiot)
Did I miss something? I don't think anybody accused you of selling anything. Unless it saw a mod sweep.
zargros deleted the pst @ ter13
@NRON: Probably best to cut your losses at this point. Trying to get someone removed from the internet just isn't going to happen, and it looks like several other people have copies of it as well.

This would be something that would be impossible for the admins to sort out at this point, because they don't have access to the backalley deals that are prevalent on BYOND. Even if they were inclined to take on the task of license enforcement, that is.

Best to just... You know, get better at judging peoples' character in the future and not work with untrustworthy people. It's a lesson that's unfortunately all too common a one in the freelance world.
@ Ter13 thanks for the pep talk *sighs* this is why artists like myself never finish projects too many untrustworthy people Any ideas of a trustworthy person who could actually help me code or even teach me?

@ Zargros im sorry i didnt read post in time before you deleted it my bad >.<

If you did happen to make or help make that base than i'm sorry that zete decided to sell it without your knowledge (or his own aparently) it was a long time ago though

From what i know Ganite is pretty understanding and will change something if theres a problem you should try messaging him
Ganite cant change anything.... hes done the damage already

I like i said before hes an untrustworthy coder guys so be careful (Ganite) Aka (Naitojames)

p.s it could be your src or your icons he leaks next...
You could still use the resources if you so wish. If they were ripped, that doesn't entirely mean that you can't still use them. It could further back your own case by further developing assets for that batch.

It's almost impossible to secure media assets on the internet. Anyone can simply copy their screen and paste it into an image editor. But as I mentioned above, an artist's greatest strength to security is to keep making it. Artists all have a particular touch to their work, and imitators and stealers are more likely to be caught by not being able to replicate the style.
@NRON-Team (Towa) I have a lot of bases my bad that I used yours for Nero's game (I have so many bases that I do have rights for and that one was just mixed in with it). But don't come on here and try to soil my name with your nonsense (Defiently after you gave away the old art from Chronicle Z not once but twice.)

Edit: You also never messaged me about it I logged on Skype to get a long rage message at me but you where offline and your offline at this moment. If you want to talk to me about this page me or contact me via skype. Though I can't do anything about Nero removing since I don't work on the project anymore.

Edit: When have I ever claimed the art as my own? If you look on my Chronicle Z hub I have a spot giving out all credit EVEN TO YOU TOWA.
Everyone worships coderz
Geez, it's just a base. I post my entire base because I'm positive that with it, no one else would produce the quality I foresee in it. In reality, I'd like to see my base in all games accompanied by sexy art.
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