I should have posted about this back when it first happened.

When I first got my computer, Internet Explorer was working fine. I only used it long enough to get Firefox, but occasionally I'll open a page in IE if I'm having a plugin problem that I don't feel like trying to fix in Firefox.

I don't know if this was the problem or not, but once I tried to upgrade it to stopped loading pages entirely. The browser itself will open, and I can interact with the toolbars and such, but trying to load any page results in an unending blank screen with "Connecting..." showing up. I can hit the cancel button to get "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" and try typing in another site, like Google, but the browser acts like it's trying to load the page but never gets anywhere. The only pages that IE can load are HTML files that I create/save to my computer first.

Of course, Firefox can load Google just fine for me. I've tried reinstalling IE6 but now that is giving me the same problem of pages not loading. I've tried searching on Google but I don't seem to find anything that'll help. AVG doesn't see any virus, either. Has anybody else experienced this problem and knows how to fix it?
I've had a "slightly" similar problem. It's not related if you ask me but I'll just tell you anyway.

Recently Internet Explorer 6 was just acting up. On most websites it would take 5 minutes to load each page. On others, it would do it swiftly. I performed all forms of scans, deletions of excess files, and reinstallations and nothing seemed to work.

After a few weeks it just....went away.
I haven't seen this before, but try checking your connection settings (proxy settings) in Internet Explorer. Make sure they match Firefox's.
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Firefox doesn't have any proxy settings selected. The radio box is selected for "Direct connection to the internet." I don't have any proxy settings selected for IE, either, and I don't believe I ever have.
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You could use the IE tab extension until you get it fixed.
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That sounded like a good idea, so I went ahead and installed the IE tab add-on...and it's having the same problem. :| Firefox itself is doing okay, but if I switch to the tab it acts as though it's trying to load a webpage and never finishes.