What operating system and/or browser are you using?
Firefox Version 38.0, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

What were you trying to do when the problem occurred?
Nothing in particular, I've had it for over a week now and I assumed it was just my connection at the time.

What actually happened, and how did it differ from what you expected?
I click on my Feed Tab, it is blank and I cannot post any updates to my games. Specifically I noticed that if I'm admist paging someone that their last message will appear in my feed for a short amount of time or until I restart Byond.

What steps did you follow?
I searched for others with a similar problem, and found this post;
Lummox Jr said that the user fixed it because of some proxy settings through his browsers. I've checked every one in my computer. (Firefox (Default), Chrome, and Internet Explorer) none of which had any proxy settings, nor have I installed any programs that I haven't had before on my computer since it started.
i have the same issue, big problem i can't even post announcements

edit: i can announce but can't see what i announce and cannot choose what crowd announcing to
I found an issue in the feed (there were actually two, one of which I fixed recently) and have taken care of it. This should update for you soon, but try logging out and back in if it doesn't.
Thank you.