I was wondering, if there was a way to ban a list of IPs from being able to login.

The issue we have, is that we get ban evaders who just flip IPS and account names and log back in, to continue their harassment. I've dealt with some of them, by banning IP ranges for their local ISP.

However, more recently, we've been getting one that uses TOR or something similar, and his range is much to large to just block with a firewall.

I was trying to use TORBAN, but it doesn't seem to work...
Add more to the banning system, such as computer id. Also, make use of the built in features such as Daemon's sticky ban. The truth is, there'll always be persistent trolls who won't be easily deterred. The most you can do is add so many variables to the ban that they'll have a hard time bypassing it.

Also, blocking somebody from the pager will also sticky ban them and deny access when they try to join your game.
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FishMan123 wrote:
Also, blocking somebody from the pager will also sticky ban them and deny access when they try to join your game.

That would only work if the user hosting has sticky banned them.

Then if you're hosting on Linux you can't login so .. pretty moot point really.
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Well, yeah. I was just assuming he was indeed the one hosting(or using a shell server while hosting under his key), I guess I should've added that bit of info.

As for the second point, you can also sticky ban users using the website, so Linux users aren't really handicapped in any way
You can't use a key on a 'shell' at all.
Nonsense. Games like ROTP were [displayed] hosted under the owner's key, despite them using a shell server.
.. You can't, its been a wanted feature for years.
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Must be a display error then, because I've definitely seen the hub owner's key being displayed(numerous times) as the "host".
I'm hosting SS13.

How does the stickyban work?

Also, our ban has an ID section part of it, but he somehow gets a new ID each time.
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When you ban somebody via Daemon/pager/website, it'll reject them from joining a game hosted by you. If they make a new key to try to avoid, it'll apply the ban to that key as well. The banning chain will continue as long as they keep trying to avoid it.
Do those bans, count towards the ban limit?
I believe so.
Not sure.
1. This is a question for the people helping out in the thread: How would you associate a 'sticky ban' to someone who can change his computerid, ip, email and ckey? They've just dodged all your methods of identification.

2. On Paradise we have a windows script that takes a list of all active Tor exit nodes and adds them to the windows firewall. We need to run the script every month or so as new nodes are added and old ones removed from Tor, but that pretty much nullifies using Tor to join our server.

3. This script does nothing to prevent people using random free VPS/VPN providers, botnets, or dynamic IPs however. Those you still need to deal with by hand.
If you talking about the TORban thing, it's been broken for a bit i believe. Also, TOR stopped updating the list.
No TORban never worked and we excised it from Paradise code a long time ago. This is a completely seperate Powershell script that you need to run once a month or so and adds the IP addresses of the exit nodes to the windows firewall.
BTW, shortly there will be a new feature that will allow much better proxy blocking of BYOND keys. We already have the backend working for some parts of the site (mainly to stop the idiotic foreign spam we are getting more frequently these days).
+100 This is great news!
You can set the world.status variable to display text for someone that is hosting when on Linux, however it does not actually support host keys.