Shinobi Independents

by Chatoyre
A role-playing game, set in the Naruto Universe. No abuse, just fun fair gameplay.
Chatoyre: Programmer
Holy crap the game is so glitchy atm LOL
Came back from work on the 8th or 7th host banned without being told why, still host banned, at this point the host is just looking for excuses, contorting things i told him into threats. People have suffered similar seemingly random abusive bans according to some of my feeds and the player count, and the consistency (key wise) of who stays and leaves.

It is in his mind, not mind that i threatened him, i continue to wait to be unbanned so i can play without being abused.

For anyone who can't tell, Tenorsax is not a new host replacing the old. A guilty conscience can easily contort something that isn't a threat, open ended or neutral into a threat. Tenorsax seems to of done that, not feeling to great about host banning me without even talking to me or me doing anything but being afk at work i guess. Tenorsax owns the server, not the hub, or the game he is hosting. I continue to do nothing to him while i wait for some level of reason to get me back into the game.
Chat, COme back here man

I'm looking for a iconner
better than me
for da game Naruto BASED