Charmed: Rebirth of Magic

by SyncWolf
Charmed: Rebirth of Magic
A role playing fangame based on the popular tv-show Charmed.

Poll: What kind of server would you prefer to see?

RP Server 34% (20)
PvP Server 27% (16)
RPvP Server 37% (22)

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Over the course of years, this game has taken a turn from PvP to RP. This transition is loved by some, hated by others.

For more than a year now, this game has had an option in-game that can switch the entire server between RP and PvP mode. However the lack of advertising and a RP fan base prevented this from giving any progress. note, host files have been public this whole time as well.

NOW, it's YOUR time to decide what you want to see?

If there's enough interested in a certain type of server, I will arrange for a server to be running if needed. Staff can be determined at a later point.

Feel free to cast your vote and share your opinion. I'll read all comments and reply where needed.

PVP server would make this game more popular!
i agree
i find the thing that they banned me a little bit cruel
You know I will forever side with roleplay. HOWEVER, if turning more of a RPvp style to gain more players, then I say go for it.
There seems to be plenty interest enough in PvP, so I'll look into raising a PvP server on Thursday, that's when my weekend starts. See if we can get some people to play and figure out if it has the potential that some of us would like to see in it.
if game returns to pvp i will be returning to it has i quit because it turned rp i hate rp in byond games
I am hosting a pvp server myself. Uptime is still a bit of an issue but I'll work it out.

Will take any feedback that could improve it for the pvp aspect.
I hate those awfully long emotes, I can type fast if I want to, but it's uncomfortable and stressful.
If I want to roleplay during combat, then I make a special agreement with somebody.

Otherwise, I think verb fights should reign. I believe the attitude of the server should be roleplay, so everybody is in character, but no stressful keyboard matches. As that limits somebody who is not fast at typing to never being strong or a major character, that's just unfair.

And too many arguements spawn over roleplay fights, verbs = maths, no arguements needed.
Plus, 14 people voted PVP and 12 voted RPVP, at the time I write this.

Therefore if those voting PVP want to compromise because they hate keyboard matches as much as I, they can vote for RPVP instead.