So I've been sitting here at my computer for a while trying to decide what kind of an original game that I could make, and I came up with an economy game, but then when i started brainstorming about it, I decided that it wouldn't work quite the way that I wanted it to, so that's out of the picture.

Here's what I got to before I stopped:

"Well, after the comments of my last blog, I've decided to do something with economy. Something sorta like Omega mall, but so much better.

Here's the pitch.

You're a young entrepreneur in a world of business that's dog-eat-dog.

Here's some ideas I'd like to toss around.

- You'll be able to build your own store and pathways up to it. It'll be something like icon ultima, but you'll have to BUY the blocks and flooring and such.

- There will be a bank where you can take out loans and such for your new store, and you'll of course have to pay it back.


Yeah, then I was like....hmm...that's not gonna work because my ideas don't really go past there.

I was sorta scolded for "abandoning" my bleach game...but it's really not abandoning because I don't do anything for the game. I can't figure out why the fanbase has went away. It makes me sad, but meh, what can I do?

Can anyone throw me a bone and give me an idea. I'm itching to start a new game.
It depends if you're going for an original game or a game that is the first of it's kind. I have tons of ideas for original games.
original games would be pwnage
You could extend on the idea of the economy in a game. Have a stock market; the price of stock is based off of the demand for it. So whenever someone sells stock the price goes down, and when they buy it, it goes up.

There has to be something to sell in your stores. A reason to want to shop at them. So maybe the economy thing could be a side thing in another game. You can become a warrior, mage, or a business man. Just an example, could be anything.
"You're a young entrepreneur in a world of business that's dog-eat-dog."

Just make a game about dogs eating dogs.