Yesterday, My brother came across a game, or program, which is basically like a BYOND version of fighting games. However, it's not online, but can be played with 2 players. MUGEN is this programs name, and I find it pretty nifty. In it, you're able to program in your own fighters if you wish, with all of their own skills and storylines. You're able to place in your own HUD Setups, and make your own stages aswell. Tutorials are provided, but if your one of the types who don't like making your own things, you can easily locate hundreds of characters to download for play.

Link To Download MUGEN-

Link To Download Some Characters-

Below are a few screen shots from MUGEN.

MUGEN is perfect for Fighting Fans! It offers a nice amount of gamemodes aswell.
It's pretty old. It has damn near every character you can think of but a lot of the artwork sucks and not many people I know play it.

I still prefer Marvel vs Capcom on MAME. I pwn with Jin Saotome. =)
MUGEN is really old... I found it like 5 years ago or something. And I played that Naruto game...