This is a post designated for all the present concepts illustrated on byond in the first place. More particularly, designing NEW concepts from scratch for the byond games. Here's a few I can see off hand:

Progressive Games

Now, dbz has it's dragonballs which allow for wishes within the game. However, this opens up a whole new avenue of games right there - games that grow and expand based on player interactions.

As I see it, we can use some games that evolve their systems continuously, transforming it's lands and forces based on player interactions. This means developing not only a system of progress, but mandating constant moderation from the present programmer to create.

Themed Games

So far, themed games are generally based on varying anime's and other kinds of popular shows out there. What if we were to develop games more focused on popular categories like racing, treasure hunting, or special puzzle games?

I'm looking for a game based on 'lode runner' or 'jetpack' as an example. Two teams. One team tries to tag players, the other team tries to gain money in a never ending struggle for domination. The gold finding team can buy upgrades for gold, but looses all it's achievements whenever a hunter touches him.

Nexus Games

There's a whole dimension of possibilities here, and the nexus can really use the treasures from some of the more common aspects. I'm especially looking for games that represent a certain piece of armor, or elements, and will pay nex for those games to be created and defended.

Science Fiction

Not your run of the mill zombie or space, but REAL sci-fi games are seriously lacking. I'm talking about games like TRON or thereabouts. I have some graphics available in some of the icon download areas for just such a game, quite a few in fact. If your interested in making such a game, I'll provide the graphics I have found.

More Originality

There's a serious lack of original contents, so it seems. For the most part, people should think more on the lines of making less anime games, and focus on the other categories more, devising new concepts.

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